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If you’re waiting for a hot day to call in your air conditioner repair, you may be in a long line of sweaty Calgarians that forgot to have their annual inspection. The good news is that you don’t always need an AC company to solve the problem unless it requires more than a quick fix or adjustment. If your air conditioner isn’t working in tip-top shape to keep you cool in the summer heat, check our list of common problems and give your local experts a call.

Common Air Conditioner Problems From Your Local AC Company

Our experienced professionals have seen it all – and fixed it all. As we saw last summer, we know time is of the essence when you’re sweltering in 30°+ weather. Here are some of the most common problems we’ve encountered when completing an air conditioner repair.

#1: Your thermostat is malfunctioning.

We put this one first for a reason – you should check your thermostat before giving us a call. You’d be surprised by how many house calls just required new batteries or a quick adjustment. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Your thermostat is not being hit by direct sunlight. This can affect the reading, calculating the room to be warmer than it actually is.
  • Have you ever cleaned the inside of your thermostat? It’s not something typically found on a cleaning to-do list. However, dust build-up, loose screws, or wires can affect its function. Gently rub it away with a soft microfibre cloth if you notice any dust.
  • Replace the batteries to see if that makes a difference.

#2: Your filter is failing you.

The second most solvable problem is a dirty or clogged air filter. Your furnace and air conditioner both utilize the same filter. Your air conditioner’s effectiveness suffers if the filter becomes excessively clogged with dirt, debris, and famously – pet hair. To keep your house at its ideal cool temperature, it has to work harder because of the restricted airflow. Over time, this can cause your air conditioner to freeze if it becomes clogged.

The simple solution is to give your filter a refresh. Some are replaceable, whereas others are reusable – if you aren’t sure which one you have, give our friendly technicians a call.

#3: The AC is constantly running.

Having your air conditioner running to keep the house cool is a good thing. But when it’s running 24/7, that’s a sign of a bigger problem. It’s typical to hear your air conditioning unit cycle on and off several times an hour to maintain the temperature. But if you’re noticing a constant buzz of a hard-working AC, it could be for a couple of reasons.

  1. Your air filter is dirty or clogged. They typically need to be changed every 30-90 days.
  2. Your air conditioner is too small.
  3. Your air conditioner is dying and should be replaced.
  4. Your AC unit has a refrigerant leak or requires some cleaning.

If your problem isn’t solved by addressing the air filter, it’s best to call a local AC company that can further diagnose the issue before you spend money fixing a problem that may not be worthwhile fixing.

#4: The air conditioner is making loud noises.

There is no Tesla of air conditioners – they are going to make a bit of noise. However, it shouldn’t be more disruptive than a soft hum with the occasional gurgle. New noises, screeching, or grinding sounds aren’t the type of AC concert you want happening in your home.

The first culprit you should look to is the air filter. If you’ve changed it recently and it’s still making a foul noise, call your local AC company to get to the bottom of your AC mystery.

#5: Your refrigerant is running, and it isn’t a prank call.

We aren’t talking about your refrigerator full of food. Refrigerant is what cools the air for your system. It’s essentially the fridge for your air. When your refrigerant levels drop, your air conditioner works harder to keep the air cold. This could be a red flag that you have a leak.

A leak makes your air conditioner less efficient, causing higher bills and is also harmful to the environment. If you suspect you have this problem, you’ll want to get it fixed ASAP by a local AC company.

#6: Your air conditioner is being neglected.

The most common problem is the easiest to solve by being proactive about your air conditioner maintenance call. While it may seem like an unnecessary annual cost, the savings from preventing bigger problems save more dollars in the long run. By booking your yearly inspection, you benefit from:

  • Less expensive energy bills because of the improved efficiency.
  • Minor problems are discovered before they turn into costly disasters.
  • Keeping your warranty valid.
  • Better air quality and more comfortable temperatures.

When it comes to the summer heat in Calgary, air conditioning isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. We know how frustrating it is when you depend on your unit to perform at its best and it fails to rise to the occasion. Our fast and friendly technicians make your service call a breeze. Contact us if you’ve run into a common or never-before-seen air conditioning problem. We can handle the heat and bring you relief asap!

Have you ever had an air conditioner breakdown when you needed it the most? Were you able to get it repaired, or did it need to be replaced? Share your story with our readers, so they know what to expect if their AC loses its cool.

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