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Summer fun in the sun is what every Calgarian dreams of during the long, cold winter months. Instead of worrying about your pipes freezing, you can relax and enjoy everything the outdoors offers. However, summer doesn’t mean all your plumbing problems disappear. There are other issues you need to be wary of that could lead to a plumbing repair if you aren’t careful.

Read on to learn about the 7 most common summer plumbing problems and how you can avoid them.

7 Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Flooding in the basement

You might think that Canadians are safe from plumbing problems now that freezing pipes aren’t a worry. However, now your plumbing repair might be due to the stormy weather we see during the summer months. Calgary’s wet season runs from May – September 18. This means that your basement will be more prone to flooding, especially if you have a sump pump failure.

To prevent this common problem from becoming a costly plumbing repair, it’s recommended that you have your sump pump inspected each spring to ensure it’s working in tip-top shape.

Clogged shower drains

It’s not uncommon for friends and family to come out of winter hibernation and ready to hit the beach. By spending more time outside, you’re naturally going to get a little bit more dirty. All that extra fun in the sun is great for making memories, but that beach sand can wreak havoc on your pipes.

It’s recommended that you rinse off outside to get any extra mud, dirt, or sand off before bringing it into your home. That way, you can avoid a clogged shower drain. If you’ve had an accidental clog due to a build-up, you can use a snake or chemical cleaner to unclog it. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to call your local plumber.

Clogged toilets

If you have kids in the house, your toilet may see more action than it’s used to during the summer months. With more time spent at home, it’s inevitable that it’ll have some more frequent flushes. While a clogged toilet can usually be fixed pretty quickly with a plunger handy, it can create more blockages that add up to a costly plumbing repair if this happens often.

To keep your toilet stays clog-free this summer, be sure that everyone is following proper bathroom etiquette. This means that only an acceptable amount of toilet paper should be used, and under no circumstances should there be any kleenex, tampons, paper, food, or other materials flushed.

Washing machine problems

During a typical summer in Calgary, it can feel like you’re going through several outfits a day. While your office may have some stellar air conditioning, you may opt for something breezier when you go down to the beach after work. Not only is it more common to need to make a few temperature-based outfit changes, but you may have more sand, dirt, dust and debris in your clothes.

Sure, a big pile of laundry can certainly be done quicker if you do heavier loads. But it’s a quick way to need a plumbing repair on your washing machine. When you put added stress on the machine, it works overtime and is more likely to endure wear and tear faster. To avoid this, stick to small loads and leave at least a 15-minute window between washes to give it time to rest.

Low water pressure

There’s nothing more annoying than needing to take a shower to encounter a barely-there drizzle coming out of the showerhead. Several reasons you may experience low water pressure include blocked sewer lines, water leaks, or a blockage in the pipes. If chemicals or at-home DIY snaking doesn’t solve the problem, it’s time to get a professional plumber to make a complete diagnosis before it leads to a bigger plumbing repair.

Sewer line backups

Rainstorms can cause a whole lot of plumbing problems besides your flooded basement fiasco. Like the flooding scenario, raw sewage can seep back into your home if water gets into the gaps in your sewer lines and reaches capacity. This shouldn’t be a worry, but if you haven’t had your sump pump inspected by a professional in a few years, it’s best to be proactive before you find yourself calling in an emergency plumbing repair. The last thing you want is a sewer line backup to happen when you desperately need to shower off from the beach.

Garbage disposal clogs

Believe it or not – garbage disposal clogs become more common in the summer, even though Christmas and Thanksgiving are our food-centric celebrations in the cooler months. This is because there are some foods of choice you may think your garbage disposal can take, but it’s likely to cause a clog. These include:

  • Corn from your summer BBQ
  • Melon rinds and fruit stones from your midday snack
  • Bones from your famous neighbourhood ribs
  • Oil or grease from cooking

Avoid a plumbing repair call by being wary of what you’re willing to put down the garbage disposal. When in doubt, put it in the compost bin.

Summer is short-lived for Calgarians, and you’ll want to soak up every minute of sun you can. It’s easy to leave maintenance chores until the fall, but your plumbing system isn’t something you should sweep under the rug if you’re detecting any problems. One of our friendly and reliable technicians can come out at your convenience to give an inspection and peace of mind while you find a way to enjoy beating the heat. Contact us to book your spot!

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