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Published On: 10 January 2018Categories: Latest News, Toilet Options

There’s just something about the Christmas and New Year season that gets Canadians in the mood for some cozy times with their spouse. If these chilly nights have you cooing to a baby bump, let us wish you and your partner congratulations! Here’s what you need to know about bathroom safety for kids.


Your baby isn’t going to be doing much that will make them dirty (other than emitting bodily fluids). Most parents find that sponge baths are easiest and plenty for these tiny new people. It keeps their umbilical cord drier and prevents any risk of burns. As they get a bit bigger, you can wash them in your sink or in the bathtub. There are great tools, like shut off valves, that can prevent the water from getting dangerously hot. To prevent bacterial growth, your hot water tank should be set to at least 50° C, but a shut off valve can ensure that the water delivered from the tap is cooler than that. Test the water with your elbow. It should be pleasantly warm but not hot. Also remember to never leave your baby unattended in the washroom!


In many ways, toddlers need anti-scalding technologies even more than their younger siblings. This is because a toddler can get into the washroom and turn on the tap while you’re just a step behind. With these rambunctious spirits of chaos turning your world upside down, you may want to install a lock of some sort on the washroom door that will slow your toddler down long enough that you can catch up before they can stuff a whole roll of toilet paper in the bowl and flush.

Remember that trips and slips are one of the major cause of accidents in washrooms. Use a bathmat on the floor to soak up water and non-slip pads in the tub to help your child keep steady as they get in and out. Providing a stool to access the sink will also help prevent accidents.

Burns and falls are bathroom emergencies we hope no Calgarians ever have to deal with. The experts at the Plumbing Paramedics can help you to install a new toilet — perhaps one with a flush button that’s out of reach of little hands — or adjust your hot water tank to balance safety from burns with safety from bacteria. Call our friendly Calgary plumber today to get started!

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