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Published On: 15 January 2019Categories: Latest News, Toilet Options

With the New Year, many Calgarians are rethinking their habits and goals, but many homeowners are also considering whether their home needs a new look in 2019. If you’ve been dreaming about a washroom update but need some inspiration, here are a few of the most popular bathroom trends to get you started!

Dual Flush Toilets.

One of the most important things in any washroom is the toilet. So if you’ve been pondering modernizing the bathroom, the toilet may be the place to start. Older, out of date bathrooms frequently have older, out of date toilets. These old toilets not only use significantly more water than modern ones, but their design also leads to easy clogging. Update your throne to a sleek, high efficiency, dual flush toilet for a high-tech feel that saves you money on every flush.

Walk in Shower.

While you shouldn’t tear out the only bathtub in your house — if you decide to sell your home, families with children will expect at least one tub — you may want to replace any additional tubs with a chic walk in shower. Frameless, glass showers, in particular, offer a minimalist modernity that shows off the tile or stone while making your bathroom feel larger and brighter.

Jack and Jill Sinks.

Another popular trend that upgrades an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious one is jack and jill sinks. Usually with two mirrors (or a single, very large one), jack and jill sinks offer both partners their own sink for getting ready in the morning. You can use sinks in any style, from one sunk into the countertop to a basin that sits atop the vanity. Talk with your friendly Calgary plumber about adding a second sink to your bathroom!

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