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Published On: 29 March 2020Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

We always encourage Calgary homeowners to schedule annual inspections for their hot water tank and plumbing system in general. We do this for a few reasons. 

  • First, it simply saves you money and gives you peace of mind. With an annual inspection, you can rest assured that a sudden plumbing emergency isn’t lurking behind the next corner. 
  • Secondly, many new plumbing appliances require annual inspections as a part of their warranty. If you want the manufacturer to honour the warranty if something goes wrong, you’ll have to prove you had an annual check up with a professional.
  • Finally, it’s a great opportunity to get to know your local, plumbing team in a low stakes context. When the worst happens and water is flying everyone, you’re going to want the best Calgary plumber available. Annual inspections let you try out a company before an emergency strikes.

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to benefit from annual inspections. So when your hot water heater suddenly breaks or your toilet begins to flood your house, you’ll need to decide on the best Calgary plumber RIGHT NOW. This is not the time to just turn to Google and pick the first plumber that tops your search result. You need an excellent plumber, not just one with a good marketing team.

Better Business Bureau.

The BBB is a nonprofit organization that helps keep the business world honest and acting in good faith. The BBB vets private companies across Canada and the US to ensure they meet strict requirements for integrity. They rate their confidence in a business’s trustworthiness, professionalism, and expertise by giving each company a grade from A+ to F. Any company with an A+ rating should offer superior service and customer experience. Try to find two or three companies, like Plumbing Paramedics, that have an A+ rating. Then:

Check Google Reviews.

Once you have a few BBB accredited Calgary plumbers, it’s time to see what other homeowners like you really think of the companies. For this, turn to Google Reviews. You’ll want a plumber who has an excellent reputation online (at least 4.5), and who has many reviews (at least 50). This will demonstrate that the plumber you’re considering is consistently excellent. Narrow down your potential plumbers to those, who like Plumbing Paramedics, hold an exceptional 4.9 stars out of 5.

Skilled & Experienced.

Not all plumbers are equal. While all journeymen plumbers are certified to work in Alberta, the most skilled tradespeople in Calgary have an additional Red Seal certification. This extra certification demonstrates true mastery of one’s trade and allows a plumber to work anywhere across Canada. It is even recognized internationally. At Plumbing Paramedics, our team members are Red Seal Certified, and we’ve been serving Calgarians for more than a decade. So you know that when you call us, the plumber coming to help is exceptionally skilled and experienced.

A plumbing emergency is a nightmare, but with the right Calgary plumber by your side, there’s no need to panic. Give us a call; we’re here to help — (403) 452-2911.

Call us at (403) 452-2911 or Book Now an appointment.

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