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Published On: 19 November 2014Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

After our last blog, you may be wondering how you can soften water at your home. A quick google search later and you’ve probably realized there are several different ways to do it. Probably one of the most common methods uses ion exchange. This method is quite effective, fairly affordable, but can require a lot of work. The bags of salt used in this system often weigh around 40 pounds and flushing out the brine is not a fun chore. The ion exchange method also isn’t great for the environment. As an alternative, we at plumbing paramedics recommend citrus water softening, but what makes citrus so much better?

No Heavy Filters. With almost every water softening method, you’ll have to clean or replace a filter of some sort. As we already mentioned, the salt that needs to be replaced when using ion methods often come in bags weighing around 40 pounds. This salt will need to be replaced monthly. Citrus filters may weigh up to 5 pounds; they need to be replaced once every 6 months or so. There is no water waste and has a higher average flow rate.

You’re Probably Already Using Citrus. Take a look at your dish soap and other cleaning agents. Many of them use citric acid because their manufactures understand the great power citrus has for removing water spots on dishes, soap scum, and helping soap foam properly in hard water. A citrus water softener uses the same properties of citric acid. Instead of using ions to remove hard elements, citrus binds with the heavier metals and prevents them from interacting with soap or solidifying on the sides of plumbing.

Softens Limescale. One of the best things about switching to a citrus softener is that it softens the limescale that has already collected. Problem areas that were beginning before installation can begin to recover, and you’ll notice the difference when scrubbing your bathtub and sink. Your pipes will also last longer since the citrus will actively remove any buildup that was causing problems like clogging before.

There are several options available to Calgarians searching for a water softener. Our recommendation is using citrus water softening, but as always, do your own research to see what system would work best for you. If you have any questions call Plumbing Paramedics at (403) 452 – 2911.

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