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Published On: 10 June 2015Categories: Latest News, Water Heaters

If you didn’t catch our previous blog last month about cleaning hot water tank, you’re going to want to start there. In that article, we explained how to prep your hot water tank for cleaning and took you through the steps to clear out all the sediment. However, just because the sediment is gone, doesn’t mean the job is done! Fortunately, this part should go a bit quicker and be a little less complicated.

Step Four. Now that your tank is clean, you’ll want to close close the drain cock and remove your hose. It’s also time to turn off the faucet in your tub or large sink that you’d opened early. Once everything is closed up, turn the water supply back on. You’ll have to wait for the tank to fill up before proceeding.

Step Five. Once your tank is full, locate your pressure relief valve and slowly open it to let out any built up air and pressure. This is an important step in stopping your heater from pinging whenever it refills. When the excess air has been let out, you can close the pressure relief valve again. Now it’s time to head back up to the faucet in the tub and let the air out of the pipes from there. Just turn the tap on until water is running smoothly at full volume – this means that the air is out of the line and the hot water tank is actually full.

Step Six. With your tank full and the air out of the lines, it’s time to turn the heat back on. If you have an electric tank, this will mean using a switch or turning the circuit breaker or fuse box on. This will be an easy step if you can remember what switch you used to turn off the heat in the first place. If your hot water tank runs on gas, you’ll need to readjust its thermostat back to the temperature you wrote down in step one. Wait 20 minutes after starting up the heat and check your faucet. If the water is hot, you’ve successfully managed cleaning hot water tank and got it working again.

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