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Published On: 20 October 2014Categories: Latest News, Toilet Options

It may come as a surprise to learn that there are many different toilet types in the world. Many are created to be cheap and easy to build to offer hygienic solutions to waste management in developing parts of the world. However, right here in Canada there are still quite a few options available for homeowners to choose from.

Accessible Toilet. At one time these toilets were exceptionally difficult to find, now a days most of us have used one once or twice. As the name suggests, these toilets are built to be easily accessible to people with physical disabilities. They are a height that better accommodates wheelchairs, and often people interested in this sort of toilet will also need a strong, grab bar installed. Most public restrooms will have at least one or two accessible toilets installed.

Composting Toilet. This toilet uses technology invented during the 1800s before flush toilets became universally accepted. However, with the rise of self-sustainability and the concept of “humanure” they’re actually gaining popularity with niche groups. They are also frequently used in national parks across the US, UK, and Sweden. Instead of using water to flush waste away, a composting toilet is dry and uses aerobic bacteria and saw dust to control odor, decompose the waste products, and absorb liquids. Surprisingly, these toilets can actually be less smelly than the flush ones we’re familiar with, and they decompose waste quicker and more effectively than current wet waste management such as septic tanks.

Low-Flow Toilet. The traditional, white, porcelain toilet we’re all familiar with is of course another toilet option. Most flush toilets are low-flow or use less than 6L of water per flush. However, 4.8L per flush toilets and dual flush toilets that use even less water for liquid wastes are also gaining popularity. These toilets come in many designs and shapes, and they can be one piece or two. For the average household, a low-flow toilet with high flush maintenance is likely the way to go. You’ll want a toilet that can handle at least 350 grams of waste, though more is better!

Whether you live in town or off grid, there are many different toilet types available. The internet is a valuable resource for information to learn about the options that best work for you. If you have any questions regarding toilets, please call Plumbing Paramedics at (403) 452 – 2911.

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