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Published On: 22 February 2020Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

There are few things as universally enjoyed as a long, meditative shower or bath. The hot water, the peace and quiet, and the still sanctuary of time spent with your own thoughts are all wonderfully refreshing. But while almost all Canadians love the luxury of a near endless supply of hot water; we tend to forget to stay on top of the bathroom maintenance that keeps our washrooms and plumbing in peak condition for years to come.

Hair Down the Drain.

One of the worst things for your plumbing system is a clog. Blockages can come on suddenly or they can build up over time as materials accumulate in the pipes. Hair is a particularly common culprit in showers and bathtubs. Over time, hair grinds your drain to a halt and completely blocks the drain. Before that, you’ll end up showering in ankle deep water. Using a hair snare or other type of drain cover will trap the hair before it gets into the system. Folks with longer hair should also consider brushing their hair before they shower or bathe.

Puddles on the Floor.

We always find it a little funny how Calgarians seem to just ignore the puddles of water they leave on the bathroom floor from wet feet or splashes from the sink. We know Calgarians wouldn’t leave water sitting on the floor in the kitchen or living room, but after a shower, for some reason puddles on the floor just seems more acceptable. Instead of leaving standing water to evaporate hours later (or worse: to trickle beneath your floor and start to rot your subfloor), use a bath mat to collect moisture. 

Ignoring Hard Water Scum.

We’ve spoken frequently about the hardness of Calgary’s water. With a mineral concentration of between 166 – 216 mg/L, Calgary water is considered very hard. While hard drinking water is not considered a health hazard — on the contrary the extra minerals might even be good for you! — all those minerals are hard on the plumbing. 

The most obvious symptom of hard water is the flakey white residue that collects and blocks the nozzles of shower heads and faucets. Hard water can also make it harder to activate soap, shampoos, and conditioners. So you’ll need to use more of these products to get the same results. This can mean more soap and shampoo to scrub away from tub’s basin as well. To prevent blockages from mineral residue, try to wipe away the scum before it builds up. If elbow grease doesn’t work, vinegar is very effective at dissolving most of these minerals.

At Plumbing Paramedics, we try to help Calgarians make the most of their plumbing system. That means doing the necessary maintenance to keep everything running smoothly. If you have any questions about maintaining your plumbing system or need the professional help of a Calgary plumber, don’t hesitate to call our team at 587-316-2946. We’re here for you!


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