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Published On: 15 February 2020Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

We don’t need to tell you that Calgary is one of the best cities in the world to raise children. With numerous beautiful parks, safe neighbourhoods, and the mountains just next door, it’s hard to imagine a better city to grow up in. But of course, just because our kids are safe walking by themselves to the local corner store, doesn’t mean that we, as parents, aren’t going to worry anyways. And one thing parents should worry a little more about is keeping their most vulnerable family members safe from plumbing problems.

Slips, Trips, & Falls.

Leaks can happen anywhere. When they do, it often leads to water on the floor where unsuspecting children or seniors could slip and fall. In bathrooms, where a falling person could additionally hit their head on the toilet, tub, or countertop, there are additional dangers when leaks are allowed to puddle on the floor. Guardians should try to get in the habit of doing a quick visual inspection of washrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms for possible leaks when they use these rooms. Not only will it reduce falls, but many home insurance policies won’t cover damage from long term leaks (even if you only just found the leak), and long term leaks can also lead to mould problems.

Hot Water Tank Maintenance.

It’s a challenge to ensure water remains sanitary (ie: prevent bacteria and mould growth) but also feel confident that water can’t scald young children. This vital job rests with the mixing valve, which works to keep your hot water in that perfect goldilock zone. An annual hot water tank inspection from your friendly Calgary plumber can help you feel confident that the hot water your children bathe in is safe.

Regulating Temperature Jumps.

We’ve all had that shower that suddenly turned frigid or sharply scalding with no notice. This occurs when a toilet is flushed or someone else turns on a faucet and some of the hot or cold water balancing your perfect shower is directed elsewhere. While this is unpleasant for an adult, it’s downright dangerous for children and seniors. 

The sudden change in temperature can startle them, causing them to fall. A spike in the temperature could also burn a slower-moving person before they have time to respond. A confused child could also readjust their suddenly cold shower, which would then blast them with scalding water when the other faucet is shut off. 

Emergency shut off valves are one solution. These valves sense the temperature of the water moving through them, and if the temperature exceeds a set limit, they shut off the water, preventing burns. However, there are many practical solutions for keeping your family safe. Discuss your options with one of our Calgary plumbers today at 403) 452-2911. We’re here to help.

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