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Published On: 22 January 2020Categories: Latest News, Toilet Options

As we leave January behind, many Calgarians are already watching some of their resolutions trickle out. While we don’t want to encourage anyone to give up on their 2020 goals, now may be a good time to consider how and where you can really make a lasting change in your life. If your life isn’t accommodating a new gym schedule, that doesn’t mean you can’t try a new diet, improve your mental health, or make renovations to your home. Our team can help you with the last one!

Choose Statement Materials.

A big trend in bathrooms is forgoing typical drywall for more interesting materials. From glass to marble and even concrete, 2020 is seeing bathrooms will walls made with statement materials. We recommend choosing materials that are impervious to water, such as the aforementioned glass, stone, or concrete, and coordinating the material with your aesthetic preference. Polished, cool marble bestows a luxurious, sophisticated elegance, while concrete denotes chiq, utilitarian minimalism. 

Tankless Toilets.

Utilizing the power of gravity, trendy tankless toilets are sure to get your guests talking. As more and more Calgarians lean into a clean, less-is-more design aesthetic, tankless toilets are the obvious artistic decision. Of course, tankless toilets aren’t particularly new. All public urinals and many public toilets use a tankless design. Tankless toilets remove unnecessary bulk, making any washroom more spacious and sleek; they are also less vulnerable to leaks, making them a more eco-friendly option.

Pipes on Display.

Over the last year and going into 2020, design has been leaning into sleek, industry-inspired aesthetics. 

In extra-small powder rooms, this trend can help make your little half bath feel a bit more spacious. Instead of a typical, blocky vanity-sink combo, this modern look will have you embrace a free standing sink with the pipes prominently visible. You may even want to install an extra pipe to hang a towel from. 

In a sprawling, luxury bathroom, this trend is found in the shower, where these bold, exposed pipes are juxtaposed against the smooth glass or stone of a minimalist shower.

Free Standing Tub.

From a Victorian-inspired clawfoot tub to a hyper contemporary curved geometric tub, free standing bathtubs are making a come back. While we wouldn’t recommend a free standing tub in a bathroom too small to support it, in a large washroom with some extra space, a free standing tub can add an indisputable sense of luxury. Calgarians are working more hours than ever, and there’s nothing like sinking into a tub of hot water to shed away the stress and demands of the workday.

At Plumbing Paramedics, our Calgary plumbers are pretty excited by all the new trends in bathroom design. From exposed pipes that proudly display a plumber’s artistry to free standing tubs and tankless toilets, there are many great features coming to Calgary bathrooms! And we’re here to help! If you’re interested in updating your bathroom with the latest in bathroom design, contact our team to see how our professional, experienced plumbers can help make your 2020 dream a reality.

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