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Published On: 20 January 2018Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

There’s just something magical about the energy and drive most of us experience as the new year arrives. It’s like washing the slate clean so that we can all try to do and be better again. There are new goals. And, as a culture, we like to pretend that the messiness of the previous year is somehow behind us… at least for a little while. But if you’re enjoying the exciting energy of the new year, why not share your fresh start with your home?

Drain Cleaning.

As the years go by, gunk often builds up on the sides of your pipes. This leads to the plumbing getting progressively smaller and smaller, and your sinks and tub draining slower and slower, until everything comes to a trickle. If you’ve already noticed some of your drains aren’t working as fast as they used to, a professional drain cleaning may help! Of course, you can always choose a DIY method. We’ve discussed several drain cleaning methods multiple times, but these solutions tend to help a little rather than completely correcting the situation. A professional drain cleaning doesn’t just get things flowing a little better, it restarts the clock by removing all the grime clogging up your pipes.

Furnace Inspection.

Calgary is about to head into the coldest part of winter. If you haven’t already had your furnace inspection done, now may be a good time to consider it. Annual furnace inspections help to catch little issues before they become big. They keep your furnace in good repair, thereby reducing your utility bills, and also ensure that your warranty will be honoured if something goes wrong.

Going Tankless.

If your old hot water tank has been causing you some issues, like making odd noises or not providing enough hot water, you may want to consider upgrading to a tankless option. Tankless water heaters only create hot water on demand, so you’ll save on your utility bill, and at the moment, the Alberta NDP government is offering rebates of up to $1000 to Albertans who decide to invest in a more efficient future. The friendly Calgary plumbers at Plumbing Paramedics can help you to best take advantage of these savings.

It’s the New Year! A time for looking forward to all the great things you want to accomplish. Why not make living in a more affordable and energy efficient home one of your 2018 goals? Our expert plumbers are here to help. Contact our team today.

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