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Published On: 1 September 2019Categories: Latest News

Nobody wants to deal with the mess and headaches of burst pipes, but many Calgarians want to save money on their utility bills by reducing their home’s temperature at night and while everyone is away at work or school during the day. One question we hear a lot from Calgary homeowners is how low can you reduce your thermostat before you have to worry about burst pipes?

One problem comes from the fact that the thermostat is usually located on the main level or even upstairs near the bedrooms. Water pipes, on the other hand, are frequently in the basement, where the temperature can drop far cooler than the thermostat is reading.

Invest in Insulation.

Pipes in unfinished basements or detached garages are most vulnerable to freezing. One of the best ways to protect your pipes from bursting is to insulate them. Pipe insulation can be purchased quite affordably from your local hardware store, or you can work with your favourite Calgary plumber to ensure all of your pipes are adequately protected. Adding insulation will help prevent bursting, and it will also help hot water reach your faucet faster. A win-win!

Choosing the Right Temperature.

In general, we recommend keeping your house at around 15°C at a minimum. If your basement is well insulated, you may be able to drop down to 10°C at night. Keep your dependents in mind when choosing the right minimum for your home. Cats (especially short haired cats) won’t be comfortable if your home is below 18°C, while most short hair dogs prefer the home at above 16°C. Children and seniors are also more susceptible to the cold than adults, so ensure everyone has warm enough PJs and blankets at night.

Monitor the Temperature.

If your home thermostat is far from your basement, you’ll have to carefully monitor the basement temperature yourself. It’s important to stay vigilant as we go into winter. Take care that the basement never falls below 10°C even on the coldest nights.

Many Calgarians choose to reduce the thermostat when taking winter holidays. It’s prudent to have a neighbour or family member come check on the house while your away and monitor the temperature in the basement. If the temperature in your basement dips too low, call one of the friendly Calgary plumbers at Plumbing Paramedics for a thorough inspection. We’ll triple check that your pipes didn’t freeze and are still in optimal condition.

Lowering the temperature in your home to reduce your utility bill and be kinder to the environment is a great idea. With careful planning, lowering the thermostat shouldn’t lead to burst pipes, but mistakes happen. If you suspect one of your pipes has frozen or burst, reach out to us today! We’ll have an experienced Calgary plumber at your home in a jiffy.

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