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It’s not cool to not be cool, especially in the peak season of Calgary’s high summer temperatures. Your air conditioner is an integral part of your home in the summer. It’s not just a luxury item with climbing temperatures; it’s a necessity for your health and comfort. In the worst-case scenario, you may be in dire need of an air conditioning repair on the hottest day of the year. You can hear your AC blowing, but the air isn’t cooling the home. Before you start frantically googling “AC Repair Near Me,” you may be able to fix the problem before calling in a professional.

Read on to learn how to perform an air conditioner repair if it’s not cooling and the signs to call in an expert to save the day.

What To Check Before Googling “AC Repair Near Me”

Professional assistance in your air conditioning repair is recommended but not always necessary. There are a number of causes that could be the root of your sweltering summer problem, which is stopping the AC unit from blowing cool air throughout your home. Here are some things to check that you can take care of in a flash.


Thermostats come in all different shapes, sizes, and operating systems. Some will start blasting cool or warm air with the simple switch of an “on” button, while others will need you to adjust it manually.

No matter what type of thermostat you have, there are some troubleshooting steps to determine if it’s the problem.

  1. Ensure that the AC option is switched on and that your breaker panel doesn’t show any blown fuses. You’ll also want to check that it’s set to “cool” and not “fan” to enjoy that sweet, refreshing breeze.
  2. Once it’s turned on, set your temperature 5 degrees lower than it currently is in the home. If you haven’t heard your unit kick in, there may be another problem.

It’s important to note your thermostat may also need replacing. They last for an average of 10 years, depending on the brand. If your thermostat is relatively new and shouldn’t be giving you any trouble, it’s time to diagnose further or call a professional.

AC Condenser

Your air conditioner’s condenser is the unit that performs the heat exchange process. Without it working in tip-top shape, you may be in for warmer air blowing through your ductwork or higher bills with it working twice as hard.

You’ll want to ensure the condenser unit is cleared of debris and any dense vegetation from your yard. Without some space (approximately 18 inches on all sides), the heat dissipation process may be interfered with.

If all seems to be in the clear, check to see if it’s dirty or clogged. You can use some water and gentle soap to wipe away any dirt or debris you see. Just be very careful, especially around the fins. If one of those breaks or warp, you’ll need to call in a professional.

If you don’t have a condenser cover that you use in the winter, it will be subject to more dirt, debris, and grime affecting your unit. It’s recommended that you use a cover during the winter season to keep it protected.

Air Filter

Your AC unit often relies on your furnace to run in tip-top shape too. When your warm air gets pushed from your AC into the home, it makes its way through the furnace filter to ensure you get clean air. The filter traps any particulates, and you’ll get the cool comfort you’ve been waiting for.

But when this is clogged, it makes it harder for the cool air to make its way into your home. You can replace your air filter or clean it if it’s reusable. You should check your air filter monthly to see how it’s holding up. Households with pets may need to change the filter more often.

When To Search for “AC Repair Near Me”

Anything beyond the simple repairs that involve your air filter, thermostat, or cleaning the condenser should be left to a professional. Many homeowners may be tempted to top off their refrigerants if they think the low levels are the culprit for their air conditioning repair. But that’s not the case – your refrigerant levels should never change unless there is a leak, which is a much bigger issue.

For an air conditioning repair that has to do with broken parts, ductwork, or smelly gasses should be handled by experts to keep your costs low and get your AC blasting the relief of cool air.

If you still aren’t sure about what is causing the issue, read our blog on air conditioning problems and signs it needs servicing. Our technicians are available 24/7/365 to help you beat the heat in Calgary this summer. Contact us if you need an inspection, emergency AC repair, or schedule an appointment for non-urgent issues.

Have you ever had your air conditioner break down? What was the problem? Were you able to fix it yourself? Share your story with our readers that may be experiencing an air conditioner problem.

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