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Published On: 22 October 2018Categories: Latest News, Toilet Options

Around Calgary, all toilets are pretty much the same. Sure, you’ll find some variation between very old toilets and the cutting edge, high efficiency, dual flush ones, but they all work more or less the same. Sit down, do your business, flush, and go on your way. However, around the world, the porcelain throne isn’t the only option, and sitting isn’t the only posture.

Squat Toilets are much lower than conventional toilets. As the name suggests, instead of sitting to use the toilet, a person squats or crouches over the toilet instead. Like our toilets at home, squat toilets often have a flush function — though not always. These types of toilets are particularly popular in both Asia and Africa, and they are often viewed as a more hygenic option, because there is no skin contact between the toilet and the person going to the washroom. However, they’re also usually seen as old fashioned, and squat toilets are not accessibility friendly for the elderly nor people with disabilities.

Should You Sit or Squat?

Some argue that, since squatting is the natural pooping position when a person doesn’t have a toilet, it is more natural and evolutionarily correct. Sitting toilets, after all, only gained popularity in the nineteenth century. The research seems to back this up; studies comparing the comfort and satisfaction of using squat toilets or sitting toilets suggest that a person gets a more satisfactory experience with less straining while squatting. However, most Canadians are used to sitting when going to the washroom and would likely find switching to a squat toilet awkward. Not to count, house guests would likely be quite confused.

While squatting to poop might be technically easier, we’re not suggesting that every Calgarian go out and replace their current sitting toilet with a squatting one. Instead, we just want homeowners to consider their toilet options.

Even in Canada, there are numerous types of toilets available. Many of the newest toilets are much more efficient than the older ones as well. If your bathroom is ready for a toilet upgrade, why not take a look at all the options available to you. And when you’ve picked one you like, give your friendly Calgary plumbers at Plumbing Paramedics a call! We’ll help you to remove the old throne and put in your new one.

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