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There are many potential dangers in kitchens and bathrooms for young children. While we aren’t experts on what cosmetics or medications are best kept far out of reach, this blog will try to give some general plumbing-related advice on how to babyproof your bathroom.

Probably the most obvious step is to install a baby gate. This will make it a challenge for your child to access the washroom and get into trouble in the first place. However, kids are infinitely curious and highly skilled in getting into place they aren’t supposed to be, so here are a couple extra tips.

The toilet is a fascinating invention to a young child. There’s swishing water, noise, and a magic to how things just disappear. We have had to unclog more than a few flushed balls, cars, and barbies. Some kids are content to just flushing the roll of toilet paper, but that really doesn’t work much better. Clogging isn’t the only danger either, young children can easily drown – especially if they hit their head on a ceramic toilet after a fall. We suggest investing in a toilet lock. They come in many different shapes, are installed in variety of ways, and all work a bit differently. However, regardless of the build, a toilet lock is built to stop young kids from being able to lift the toilets lid. Search around the internet to see if you can find one recommended by parents in Calgary.

Sinks are usually out of reach to small children, but the bathtub and shower are another place we have a recommendation. At Plumbing Paramedics, we think it’s fair to guess most adults have accidently burned themselves at least once. Sometimes the hot water just comes a lot fast and a lot warmer than we expect. This is okay -though not pleasant – when you’re an adult who knows to check the water with a hand and how to adjust the temperature; it’s much more dangerous for a young child as well as older individuals suffering from dementia or other disorders. For families with people to protect, we suggest installing an anti-scalding device. Some anti-scalding devices can probably be installed by a competent DIYer, but you may prefer to call in a Calgary plumbing expert to make sure it’s put in correctly.

Do you have any questions about what sort of plumbing in your home could be a hazard to a new child? Are you wondering what you can do to protect your family and how to babyproof your bathroom? Plumbing Paramedics is happy to help you install an anti-scalding device or anything else you need to keep everyone safe from plumbing accidents in your home.

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