How to Clean Faucet Aerator
Published On: 1 October 2019Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

A faucet or tap aerator is a screw-in tip found at the head of most modern faucets. Aerators mix air into the running water to shape the flow into a uniform, non-splashing stream with a comfortable, even pressure. A good aerator is an environmentally-friendly augmentation that reduces how much water your faucet demands, while simultaneously providing a better user experience. But like all things, your tap’s aerator will eventually need some maintenance. Here’s how to clean faucet aerator and keep it in top condition.

Safely Removing the Aerator.

Step one in removing your aerator is plugging the drain. That way you don’t need to worry about losing any little pieces. Moving on: twisting off your aerator by hand likely won’t work, so you’ll need to find a pair of pliers to help you wrench it off. Instead of scraping metal pliers against metal aerator, use masking tape and wrap a couple layers around the aerator to prevent scratching. Even with the tape to protect the surface, try to be gentle — you don’t want to crush the aerator. Twist counterclockwise (right tighty; lefty loosey) to remove the aerator, then take the tape off so you can clean it.

Clean the Mesh.

Typically, homeowners only think to clean out their aerator when something is going wonky with the stream shape. This can be caused by a tiny pebble trapped by the mesh or even just build up of smaller particles. Carefully take your aerator apart — pay attention you’ll have to put it back together again! Using a toothbrush, very gently clean the components. Be especially careful not to bend any of the screens. If they’re bent, they’ll need to be replaced.

Dissolve Lime Build Up.

Calgary has very hard water. This leads to an inevitable amount of lime build up as minerals are deposited on the surface of the faucet and aerator. If you can’t disassemble your aerator due to build up — or the toothbrush isn’t getting everything clean, you can dissolve the limescale away. Make a solution that’s one part vinegar and one part water. Allow your aerator to soak in the solution for about half an hour, then try again. If it’s still stuck, leave it another half hour.

Once your aerator is shiny clean and you’ve reassembled it and rewrapped it in tape, you can twist it back into place. We recommend tightening it by hand to start, and then use your pliers to snuggly secure it. There’s no need to over tighten.

How to clean faucet aerator and keep it in top condition right? Is the stream from your faucet splashing even after you’ve carefully scrubbed the faucet and aerator? Our friendly Calgary plumbers can help. Give Plumbing Paramedics a call today!

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