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Published On: 15 February 2021Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

The HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) in your home is complex! It plays a crucial part in keeping the environment of your home safe and comfortable. To do so, it must be properly installed and maintained. For this, you need an HVAC expert; a technician that can proficiently install, clean, inspect, maintain, diagnose and repair your system. You need an HVAC company Calgary that is reliable, trusted, responsible and affordable. How do you know which HVAC contractor is a good choice? The following are some tips for choosing an HVAC specialist:

    • Create a list of candidates: Ask friends, neighbours, co-workers, and/or family for recommendations. Check the local listings for other possibilities. Choose 3 or 4 top candidates to scrutinize.
    • Investigate how long the companies have been in business: You want an HVAC company in Calgary that will not only install your system but be available to repair and maintain it. Look for a firm that has been in business in your area for at least five years. Check if the company has relevant experience with your particular system.
    • Read reviews of past and current customers regarding the services they received from the HVAC contractors. Look on the contractors’ websites, independent review sites and social media pages. Were there any problems and complaints? How were they dealt with?
    • Inquire about licensing, training and insurance: Ensure that the contractors require all technicians to be trained, licensed and insured. Does the worker have a picture ID, badge and uniform? Does the company perform criminal and drug background checks? Get a business address and phone number. Ask for references from past clients. Call them and inquire about their experience with the HVAC company.
    • Ask if they have a guarantee in case the service proves unsatisfactory. A clearly posted policy that details how problems and complaints will be resolved is a good indication of the integrity of a company.
    • Get information about the maintenance service packages:  If they have one, what does it cost and what does it cover? Do they design, install and service the type of system you have?
    • Inquire when and how the company wants to be paid: Be careful with any contractor who requires part or all of the payment in advance. You should pay when all work is done to your satisfaction.
    • Ask if the companies offer 24-hour service: Problems don’t always happen during business hours! Ask if the company has around-the-clock emergency service, including holidays.
    • Determine if the companies belong to professional/trade organizations: Reputable contractors often belong to recognized organizations that require them to have particular certifications and meet professional standards and requirements.
    • Check with the Better Business Bureau: Registering with the BBB and gaining accreditation is not easy. If they have gone through the process and maintained an “A” rating, you know an HVAC company in Calgary is serious about its reputation.
    • Compare quotes: Get written quotes from 2 or 3 companies that impress you. Ideally, they should inspect your system before generating a report. Examine the quotes for accuracy, detail, and affordability.
    • Choose the company that best fits your needs and requirements. Ask for a written contract and review it to ensure it clearly itemizes all tasks to be performed, all associated costs, and the payment schedule. Verbal guarantees by the contractor should be written into the contract. It should state how long the guarantee is valid, what it covers, and who is responsible. Keep a copy of the contract.
    • Ask for the same technician: If you are impressed with the technician that services your system, request him/her each time as familiarity with your system will speed the process of spotting and fixing problems.

Having your heating and cooling system professionally maintained on a regular basis extends the lifespan and improves its efficiency. Choose your HVAC company with care and consideration and you can reduce your worries for years to come!

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