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Published On: 13 March 2017Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

There’s nothing like moving into your first apartment to make you realize just how fantastic dishwashers are. They make cleaning up after dinner super quick and offer sparkling, sanitized dishes in a relatively quick amount of time. So how do we keep these wonderful appliances running great for years?

Make the Best Decisions.

There are a surprising number of decisions that affect how well your dishwasher runs. First, try to fill it up. Not only will running a full load guarantee that you’re using less water and having optimal energy efficiency, but your machine is also designed to run full. It will be more balanced and the water will cycle better when your dish load is well organized and full. Second, choose powder or solid tablet detergent. Gels often contain bleach which will dissolve seals and gaskets.

Avoid the Heated Dry Feature.

The best way to make sure your dishwasher lasts a long time is to not use unnecessary features that make it work harder than necessary. At the top of the unnecessary features list should be heated dry. Not only does this feature waste energy, but air drying is also better for both your dishes and your dishwasher maintenance. If you need your dishes to dry a little faster, we recommend opening the door once the cycle is finished — or just use a towel.

Adapt for Water Hardness.

Soft water and hard water have very different properties, so it’s important to be aware of your home’s water hardness and to adapt your behavior accordingly. Gels are to be doubly-avoided if you use hard water or well water. But even with an excellent, powder detergent, you may want to use a rinse aid to help dissolve the many minerals in the water. If you have very soft water, you’ll probably want to use a little less detergent than the manufacture recommends. Experiment to find how much less detergent you need for a satisfactory clean.

Dishwashers are great. It’s hard to overstate how much easier they can make cleaning up after meals for Calgary families. But keeping your dishwasher in excellent shape does take a little attention and care. To learn more about how you can help your dishwasher last for years, or if you need dishwasher maintenance, contact the experts at Plumbing Paramedics today!

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