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Published On: 1 June 2017Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

It’s finally summer. And after a long winter, we don’t think that any sentence is quite as pleasant to write. We don’t know about you, but our team is looking forward to the warm sun, the barbeques, and hiking in the Rockies. Unfortunately, before we can go have some summer fun, there’s a lot of work to be done. The ground is finally thawed, so Albertans are getting ready to turn on their sprinkler system. Before you do, grab a shovel and double check that the ground is fully thawed at least 12 inches deep. If the soil is still an ice block, wait another week. Otherwise, you risk damaging the pipes of your irrigation system.

Whether you own a business, are responsible for the yard at a large public building, or just have a small system for your private home, there’s a lot of good to be said for a great irrigation system. With proper placement and effort, an irrigation system can create a healthier yard with less water waste. The fact you won’t need to go out to water everything by hand is also a bonus. However, these handy systems also need to be maintained if you want them to work well and not leak.

Hardware Inspection.

While nozzles and sprinkler heads are built to be fairly sturdy and durable, the fact is that dogs, kids, and lawn mowers have a tendency to wear them out fairly quickly. Take a careful look at your system, and replace any cracked or chipped components. You’ll want to inspect sprinkler heads, nozzles, valves, pipes, and any other hardware as a part of irrigation system inspection. And remember, broken hardware can lead to your lawn being either drowned or droughted, so we recommend replacing worn parts before your yard is a mudpile and your water bill has skyrocketed.

Be Mindful of High Pressure.

If this is your first year with a sprinkler system, we recommend calling an expert or speaking with an experienced neighbour before turning on your sprinkler system for the first time. This is because there can be a high pressure surge when a valve is first opened in the spring. Without due diligence, this pressure can easily burst pipes and damage valves. Avoid this costly mistake by taking your time or asking for help from a professional. Make sure you have a Calgary plumber on hand who can also check the system’s overall water pressure in a cinch, because water pressure that’s only a little high can still wreak havoc given enough time.

Does your home or business need an irrigation system inspection? Let our Calgary plumbers help ensure that your sprinkler system is in top shape and ready to keep your lawn looking great all summer long. Contact Plumbing Paramedics today at (403) 452-2911.

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