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Published On: 29 April 2019Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

We hear from Calgary homeowners with slow drains all the time. Which is probably why we’ve written on DIY clog clearing over and over again (TLDR: never use drain cleaner; use baking soda, vinegar, and hot water instead). But today, we’re going to step away from the DIY tutorials and discuss professional drain cleaning.

Minor Clogs

Drains slow down. Sometimes you’ll notice it first in your tub or a sink, other times it’ll be your toilet that’s draining much slower than it should be. When this happens, we’re the first ones to point homeowners towards DIY methods like we’ve written about before, but when these minor clogs happen frequently, it’s a sign that a major clog is starting to form. Reaching out to our friendly Calgary Plumbers now is a great way to fix your slow drain issue before it becomes a no drain issue.

Full Clogs

When a minor clog isn’t fixed for long enough, it’ll slowly become a full-fledged clog. In fact, because the clog slows the flow of water, it may even build up faster and faster as its neglected. Once you have a full clog, the time for DIY solutions has long passed. Give our team a call, and we’ll have your plumbing running smoothly again — no matter how severe the clog is.

Camera and Line Setting Services

Our team at Plumbing Paramedics is dedicated to investing in the latest plumbing technologies. It’s our goal to help all Calgarians get the most from their home plumbing, and that means using the best innovations available to troubleshoot issues and solve problems at their source.

A particular technology we’re especially excited about is camera inspections. Camera inspections allow us to deduce exactly where a clog is and what it’s made from. As you can imagine, a clog made from grease is going to act very differently than one made of hair or from a foreign object flushed down the toilet by a toddler. With the benefit of additional information, we’re able to identify the best response and increase our chance of completely removing the clog the first time around.

Our team is dedicated to providing Calgarians with top quality workmanship — which is why we always endeavour to any job right the first time. If you prefer to work with a Calgary plumbing team that invests in the best tools and is committed to doing their work well, you’ve come to the right place! Keep our number on your fridge, so you’ll have it handy for any and all future plumbing needs — (403) 452-2911.

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