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Published On: 8 August 2018Categories: Latest News, Toilet Options

Most home investors already know that one of the best renovations you can do before trying to sell a house is adding a powder room, also known as a half bath. But updating a bathroom in general is a great investment. According to New Bank Insurance, it’s expected that kitchen and bathroom renovations pay for themselves, with 75-100% of the money you sink into the facelift being return when you sell the house. So which bathroom investments are most likely to give you the highest ROI?

Luxurious Showers are In

One of the most popular bathroom trends is towards large, walk-in showers. Minimalist, natural materials, like stone, tile, metal, and glass, are classically beautiful and also popular in 2018. Many of these luxurious showers will feature a bench to sit down. Benches are perfect for shaving, but they’re also ideal for seniors who want to age in peace. For a smaller master bathroom, an open, glass shower can make the room feel more spacious and bright. In a larger master bath, having both a walk-in shower and a large tub is the modern expectation.

Don’t Give Up the Tub

Of course, if your home only has one full bathroom, your best bet will be to have a large shower-tub. Shower-tubs may lack a certain debonaire, but they are extremely practical. They provide the option to both shower or bathe within a small square footage, which will be important to both parents and grandparents who may have young dependents who still need baths. Your home only needs one tub though, so for secondary bathrooms, a grand (or modest) shower offers the most value.

Both is Better

Nothing makes a master bath, or even a guest bathroom, feel complete like having a separate walk-in shower and sprawling bathtub. Along with jack-and-jill sinks, stone countertops, and large windows, a separate shower and bathtub marks the bathroom as luxurious and a step beyond a conventional home. However, as you consider your bathroom renovation, take a careful look at the square footage. There’s nothing worse than a cramped bathroom where your knees hit the tub when you sit on the toilet. If there isn’t enough room for both to exist comfortably, go with the shower — unless that means your house won’t have a tub at all, as we addressed above.

While it’s easy for bathroom trend enthusiasts to talk about the death of the bathtub, the fact of the matter is that, for young families and grandparents, a tub is indispensable. Your house will need a least one functional tub in a convenient location if you want to attract buyers with kids. However, sprawling walk-in showers are very trendy and a great option for creating an elegant, upscale spa that you can enjoy yourself or use to wow buyers.

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