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Published On: 8 August 2019Categories: Latest News

Every spring we remind Calgary homeowners that it’s a good idea to schedule your furnace for a check up. After a long, cold winter, your furnace deserves a little TLC to make sure everything is in perfect condition. But if you accidentally missed a spring tune-up, there’s still time!

Late Summer Furnace Maintenance.

With August half over and September well on its way, you’re quickly running out of time before the snow returns. Furnace check ups and maintenance are best scheduled when the weather is still warm. That way, if our technicians need to turn off your furnace for a few hours (or even a full day!), your family won’t notice. Our summer this year has been a bit on and off, and the past few years, we’ve been seeing snow as early as September. With this in mind, it’s prudent to expect winter may come earlier than expected. Schedule your furnace inspection sooner rather than later.

Save Money — Have Your Furnace Inspected.

Annual furnace inspections save homeowners money in three ways.

  • Your furnace’s warranty likely has an inspection stipulation. Most manufacturer’s will only honour their warranty if the appliance has been annually inspected and maintained. Forgoing your annual inspection could mean having to replace your furnace after just a couple years if something goes catastrophically wrong and the manufacturer refuses to replace it.
  • A maintained furnace is an efficient furnace. From monthly (or quarterly depending on your furnace) filter changes to an annual professional inspection and tune-up, your furnace provides optimal heating with minimal energy uses when it’s maintained. Keeping up on your filter changes and maintenance corresponds to real savings on your utility bill.
  • One of the most common causes of furnace failure is a clogged furnace filter which makes the blower run too hard. Dust particles are forced through the filter where they can interfere with the delicate electronics and mechanical components. Proper maintenance will prevent unnecessary wear and tear, saving your hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs and early replacement.

Winter is coming. Is your furnace ready? Contact the friendly professionals at Plumbing Paramedics today, and schedule an experienced technician to perform a holistic furnace inspection for your home. Our team ensures your furnace is running optimally, so your family stays cozy warm all winter long. Call us today.

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