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Published On: 10 December 2020Categories: Latest News

Cold weather means your furnace runs more often. An efficiently working furnace reduces wear and tear, helps your appliance last longer and saves you money. The following are some practical suggestions for making sure your furnace runs safely and efficiently.

  • Clean and check the filter: The filter prevents dust, dirt, hair, pollen, allergens and other pollutants from entering your furnace. If the filter is clogged, the furnace works harder to pull air through placing extra stress on it, increasing your energy bills and heightening the chances of a breakdown. Check your filter monthly. If you see hair and dust on the surface, replace it. If you have a reusable filter, wash it monthly.
  •  Inspect and clean the registers: For your furnace to work efficiently, it needs to freely circulate air. Make sure your registers are not blocked by furniture, toys or curtains. Occasionally remove the vents and vacuum them with a brush attachment.
  • Tidy the area around the furnace: Keep a three to five-foot area around the furnace clear of stored items to ensure good airflow to the appliance.
  • Schedule furnace maintenance: Have your furnace inspected and tuned yearly to ensure it’s running at peak efficiency. Make your appointment in the fall so that repairs are complete before the cold weather arrives.
  • Consider a zoned heating system: Zoning your heating system allows for different areas in your home to be heated to different temperatures, saving you money and increasing your furnace’s efficiency.
  • Have your ducts sealed: Old, worn or improperly sealed ducts result in heated air escaping on its way from your furnace to your living space. Have your ductwork professionally checked and sealed to reduce heat waste, save you money and increase furnace efficiency.
  • Use a ceiling fan: Heat rises and collects near the ceiling. Running your ceiling fan clockwise pushes the hot air to the floor where you need it.
  • Use a programmable thermostat to lower your monthly energy bill, reduce wear and tear on your furnace and increase efficiency. They’re inexpensive and easily set to reduce the temperature when you’re at work/school, sleeping or away on vacation.
  • Seal drafts: Ensure that windows, doors and garage doors seal well to avoid heat loss and reduce the stress on your furnace.

If you try most or all of these suggestions and your furnace is still not running efficiently, call your local HVAC experts. It may be time for a new, more efficient furnace!

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