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Published On: 10 October 2019Categories: Furnace, Latest News

Winters often starts kind of wishy-washy in Calgary. We get a snowfall in September, but it’s gone by Thanksgiving (if we’re lucky). Come Hallowe’en though, winter generally gets a little more serious. With frigid days ahead, if you haven’t had your furnace inspected yet this season;  it’s past time to pick up that phone.

Invest in Your Furnace’s Lifespan.

The vast majority of furnaces fail because something little went wrong for too long. One of the most common culprits? A clogged furnace filter that has been neglected for so long the furnace choked on dust. Our furnaces and ducting are, for the most part, out of sight and out of mind. It’s easy to trust your furnace is running optimally until suddenly it stops in the middle of January. An annual furnace inspection is all about making this vital system more visible. It’s a vital step in safeguarding the longevity of your furnace by ensuring little things don’t go unnoticed.

Prevent Furnace Emergencies.

A reputable furnace technician is your trusted partner in preventing furnace emergencies. During your annual furnace inspection, your technician will carefully examine every part of your furnace, paying particular attention to the areas that fail most often. Afterwards, they’ll explain any necessary next steps you’ll need to take to ensure your home is cozy warm all winter long.

Ensure Your Warranty is Honoured.

There are many great furnaces available in Canada, but manufacturers understand that often catastrophic furnace failure is due to minor issue or a lack of maintenance. Because of this, most manufacturers now require that furnaces are inspected at least once a year if a homeowner wishes the warranty to be honoured. Warranties are often quite generous and protect against expensive manufacturer defects. Consider your annual furnace inspection as an investment in a more efficient furnace, a longer furnace lifespan, and as a safeguard against a faulty furnace.

Winter in Canada is no joke. Your furnace is possibly the most fundamental system to your home’s safety and comfort during the cold months. When your family is depending on you and your furnace. scheduling an inspection with a trusted, Calgary furnace technician is only the responsible thing to do. Call Plumbing Paramedics today at (403) 452-2911.

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