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Published On: 1 March 2020Categories: Latest News, Water Heaters

At least once a year (twice a year is better if your furnace is old), your furnace and hot water tank require a professional inspection by an experienced Calgary plumber and furnace technician. Not only does this check up help ensure your furnace gets necessary maintenance to prevent emergencies, but it’s also an important stipulation of most modern appliances’ warranties. So now that 2020 is here and hints of spring are in the air, it’s time to cross scheduling a furnace and hot water tank inspection off your 2020 todo list!

When’s the Best Time to Schedule Your Furnace Inspection?

No one wants to shut off the furnace for an evaluation and repair in the middle of March when the snow and wind are rattling the windows. But that doesn’t mean March isn’t the perfect time to get a headstart on scheduling a great time for a check up. In fact, booking an annual inspection helps prevent furnace problems and breakdowns. That means remembering yearly furnace maintenance safeguards your family from an icy morning wake up because the furnace quit suddenly in the middle of the night. 

While there’s no convenient time for a furnace emergency, a timely furnace tuneup is no stress. We recommend choosing a date late enough into spring or summer that you won’t need to worry about your house getting chilly if necessary repairs take a few hours. Many Calgarians find late May to early June is often ideal. During these months, life is usually very consistent without sudden changes. The kids are still in school, and no one is leaving on vacation yet. 

Invest in Inspections

In the majority of cases, complete appliance failure is caused by something little turning into big trouble when left too long. For example, the most common culprit leading to a furnace emergency is a clogged furnace filter. Neglecting fast, effective maintenance — like changing your filter on time and scheduling an annual inspection— causes normal affordable upkeep to snowball into expensive catastrophic failure. That’s hard on your stress levels and on your wallet. 


Appliances that see the monthly and annual maintenance they deserve keep running, on average, five to ten years longer, saving you money. This is because proper care extends the life of your appliance and also because inadequate care leads to an appliance that needs to be replaced sooner. 

Make the smart choice today, and schedule your furnace and hot water tank for their annual inspection with Plumbing Paramedics. Call us today.

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