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Published On: 22 November 2017Categories: Latest News, Toilet Options

When you’re hosting the whole family at your home, it can be a little stressful. This is especially true if you have very old or very young relatives who can easily be hurt if left unattended in the washroom. Here are a few tips for bathroom safety for seniors.

Reduce The Temperature on your Hot Water Heater.

While you’ll want to ensure that the water in your heater is still hot enough to prevent bacteria growth, you can safely lower the maximum temperature to 120°F or around 49°C. This will help prevent serious burns, but you’ll still need to be careful as the water will still be plenty hot enough to harm someone.

Bath Mat.

If you want to limit slips and trips, you should invest in a rubber bath mat to go in the bottom of your tub or shower. This will make it easier for your kids, grandkids, or niblings (nieces and/or nephews) to sit in, get in, and get out of the bathtub without sliding. Just outside the tub or shower, place a water absorbent bath mat to keep the floor dry and safe for little feet.

Anti-scalding Faucet Attachment.

To further prevent scalding, you may want to use an anti-scalding faucet attachment. This easy to use attachment, screws into your faucet. It automatically measures the temperature of the water and shuts the water off if the temperature is too high. This is a particularly handy tool for those living in an apartment, as you won’t need to access your hot water heater directly to prevent houseguests from being burned.

Are you a little stressed about how you’re going to keep bathroom safety for seniors? You may want to consider adding an exterior lock to the washroom, so that toddlers simply won’t be able to wonder in without an adult. Remember that the holidays are supposed to be fun, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if getting everything perfect is a little overwhelming.

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