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Published On: 10 April 2017Categories: Latest News, Toilet Options

We all like to think of our kid as the smartest and best child that’s ever been. Unfortunately, even if you really do have a baby Einstein, they’re probably still going to do some dangerous and dumb things — kids just don’t have the experience to know better.

Test the Bathwater.

Adults and even older kids like their baths fairly warm — anywhere between 38°C and 42°C is fairly normal. But newborns have thinner skin than older people, so they can be burned easily, and because of their small bodies, they can also overheat very quickly. This means a newborn and toddler should only have their bath water around 36°C. In general, you can determine a good water temperature for your baby by sticking your elbow in the bath. If the water feels pleasantly warm, but not hot, it’s probably about right. Remember to always help children under 8 years old to find the correct temperature for their bath or shower. Show them how to wait outside of the tub as they adjust the temperature, and to start with cold water and gradually add warmth.

Anti-Scalding Valves.

Generally speaking, most homes already have safeties that prevent the hot water from reaching above 50°C. However, if you have an older home, you may want to check with your local Calgary plumber to make sure that this anti-scalding valve is in place. It’s also worth remembering that your average adult only enjoys showers around 42°C, so even a 50°C limit is still very hot and able to badly burn a small child. You may wish to lower your anti-scalding limit, but you should talk with your plumber first. You’ll need to make sure your hot water tank is still reaching high enough temperatures to prevent bacteria and mould growth.

Here at Plumbing Paramedics, we take our dedication to customer service very seriously. The safety of your child is our highest priority, and we want to help all Calgary families to keep their kids safe from burns. Contact our team at Plumbing Paramedics today to learn more about anti-scalding valves and keeping young children safe from hot water.

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