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Published On: 8 February 2020Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

Chocolates in a heart shaped box? Check. Flowers and a card? Check. Changed the furnace filter and scheduled your annual furnace inspection? Wait. What? 

As January fades into February, it can feel like winter is finally coming to a close, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, Calgarians know we still have two more long months of snow. It’s not until May (and even then we often have snow on the May long!) that winter really winds down. So with the calendar’s most romantic holiday just around the corner, it’s important to stay on top of your furnace care. After all, if folks are cuddling under the blankets this February, it shouldn’t be because the furnace stopped working!

Your Furnace Filter is Important!

Many Calgarians don’t really understand just how important their furnace filter is. Like bed sheets, the filter is something most Calgarians change less often than they should. But your furnace filter is the unsung hero of your entire heating system. Your filter single handedly protects your furnace — and especially the blower — from all the dust, skin, detritus, hair, allergens, and more floating in the air that is sucked in by the return duct. 

When your filter gets clogged, your blower has to work overtime in order to shove air through all the debris caught in the filter. This means that, not only will your blower fail sooner, but dust and general
yuck are forced through with the hot air and shot back out into your house in the air everyone breathes. 

Your furnace filter helps clean the air you breathe. And as a true Canadian hero, it also protects your wallet. The majority of furnace failures and emergencies that we’re called to are a direct result of poor furnace maintenance —most often including a clogged filter that has caused excess strain and overheating elsewhere in the furnace.

This February, we want Calgarians breathing warm, clean air as they enjoy the company of their loved ones. So take this article as a gentle reminder to change your furnace filter. And your sheets. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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