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Published On: 8 June 2018Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

Many kids love to play outdoors and in the water over the hot summer months. Their parents may not love the water bill that can follow. Here are some summer tips for helping your kids to keep cool without single handedly draining the Bow River.

Water the Lawn & the Kids.

Since you’re going to water your yard anyways, you might as well invite the kids to play in the sprinker at the same time. The best time to water your lawn is dawn or dusk. Most kids prefer to play after dinner rather than before breakfast, but you’ll have to decide what works best for your family. Watering the grass in the middle of the day can burn the lawn and significantly increases the risk of sunburn. For the hot afternoons, we recommend trying to find a local library or pool if your home isn’t cool enough.

Check for Leaks.

Checking for a leak is easy. Just before the entire family goes off for a few hours, snap a photo of your water metre. When you get back, see if there’s been any change in the reading. The readings should be identical. Do make sure no one started a load of dishes or laundry just before you left.

Keep Laundry Under Control.

If your kids love to play in the mud, it may feel like they’re going through six sets of clothing a day. That’s a whole lot of laundry, but we’ll let you in on a secret. Unless you’re heading to a fancy party, a little dirt on their clothing is probably good for them. It’ll help their immune system stay on guard, and they can have fun without worry about dirtying yet another pair of pants. If your kid is particularly outdoorsy, you could even consider getting second hand clothes for playing outside with.

Summer can be hard on your water bill, but with some thought, you can prevent too much waste from laundry and the sprinkler. An unidentified leak, on the other hand, should be dealt with immediately. If your water metre is suggesting your home has a leak, give our friendly Calgary plumbers a call today at (403) 452-2911 or use our form online.

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