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Published On: 6 March 2017Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

Whether you’re a fan of laundry or it’s in your top five least favourite chores, we think most Canadians can agree that a laundry machine that runs smoothly (and quietly!) is best. Cleaning your clothes requires numerous steps, and your washer needs to perform all of them. It has to drench everything, mix in soap and softener, wash the clothes, and then spin it all dry. Here’s how you can help your laundry machine work better for longer.

Keep an Eye out for Leaks.

Washing machines use a lot of water, and that means if the fill hose breaks or the water level switch malfunctions, you may very quickly find yourself with a flooded laundry room and substantial water damage. Fortunately there’s a solution: a water shut off system. This system prevents damage by automatically detecting malfunctions and shutting down water before your floor floods.

Don’t Overload.

The laundry machine maintenance requires a fairly delicate balance to make sure everything gets properly wetted, washed, and spun-dry. When machines are overloaded, it puts extra strain on the mechanics and can even lead to problems. No one wants to deal with complications like clothing coming out drenched and dripping, and overload will also mean your laundry machine will age faster and will need repairs more frequently.

Give it a Wash!

Laundry detergent, softeners, stain removers, etc. all leave gooey, sticky residue. Use an all purpose cleaner and wipe away stains on the exterior of the machine. For the dispenser (the tray where you put the detergent), wash away any mess with a soft, gentle soap and hot water. As for the inside of the machine, scrub it with a rag to remove any soap residue and mildew about once a month. If your machine has a cleaning cycle, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep your washer in great shape.

Laundry machine maintenance shouldn’t be difficult. Set yourself up for success by choosing a machine that can accommodate the needs of you and your family. Also ensure that it is installed level and on the correct surface — tile, stone, or cement is usually recommended. Want to learn more about how to maintain your washer? Need help with a laundry machine repair? The experts at Plumbing Paramedics are here to help! Call us today.

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