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Published On: 1 January 2020Categories: Latest News

The New Year is here, and many Canadians enjoy taking time at the end of the holiday season to reflect on the previous year and their life in general. At Plumbing Paramedics, we try to consider whether we’ve reached our goals, but we also try to look forward at how we can better serve Calgarians in the future. This New Years, we’re encouraging all Calgary homeowners to take a few moments to evaluate the condition of their plumbing & furnace systems, so they can preemptively decide how to tackle upcoming household emergencies.

A Pinch of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure.

That’s never more true than with your home’s vital systems — such as plumbing and heating. In Canada, a furnace isn’t optional, and if yours stops working in the middle of winter, you and your family are left in a vulnerable position as you wait for your trusted furnace technician to arrive. While your hot water tank, toilet, and plumbing in general may be slightly less integral than the furnace, you only need to go a few days without hot water to really appreciate just how wonderful it is.

Have These Vital Systems Inspected.

The best way to prevent household emergencies, like a broken furnace or water heater, from taking you by surprise is to ensure that you schedule annual inspections for these important appliances. A careful evaluation by an expert furnace technician or plumber will reveal problems before they become catastrophic. Your friendly tradesperson will give you a clear indication of the current condition of your appliance, how long you can expect it to last, and what maintenance will help extend its life. Often the little things, like being sure to change your furnace filter promptly (set a reminder on your phone!) make the biggest difference in preventing the premature death of an appliance.

Even with the best care, furnaces and hot water tanks don’t last forever. Think back to when you last replaced one of these appliances. If it’s been over a decade, it may be a good idea to start thinking forward to when one (or both!) are going to need to be replaced. Start tucking away a little bit away each month now to relieve your future burden. You’ll thank yourself later!

Whether you have a relatively young furnace or hot water tank in need of a comprehensive inspection, or an old one that needs to be replaced, the team at Plumbing Paramedics offers Calgarians friendly, professional plumbing and heating services. We don’t hire anyone we wouldn’t want working in our own home, which is why Calgarians feel fully confident working with our team members. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, contact Plumbing Paramedics today. We’re here to help today, tomorrow, and every day that follows.

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