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Published On: 6 October 2014Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that solutions that help to lower utility bills are welcome news. While we can’t really help you with your electricity consumption or internet costs, we can recommend places where switching to low water pressure has minimal effects on function and significant savings.

Low Flow Shower Head. Using a low-flow shower head can half the water consumption of your shower. That’s a lot of water! Many regular shower heads release about 5.5 gallons of water per minute or approximately 21 litres in a minute (Lpm). However, low flow heads often use less than 10Lpm! By just changing their showerheads, households usually see savings of 25%-60%! And with today’s technology, you aren’t sacrificing a great shower in favour of savings. Now a days, many low pressure shower heads spray in such a way that consumers won’t even notice their shower is putting out less than half the water.

Low Flow Toilet. Did you know that Calgarians can apply for a rebate from the city of Calgary if they replace an old 13L (or more) toilet with a new energy efficient one? It’s true! Low flow toilets use a maximum of 6L of water with each flush. In some provinces, such as Ontario, it’s actually required that your toilet doesn’t use more than 6L of water. However, there are even more low-flow options. New toilets are even more efficient; some use only 4.8L with each flush, and dual flush toilets let you control how much water you use. This means you can save even more water when flushing liquid wastes. Fortunately, a toilet’s ability to remove bulk waste has a lot more to do with design than the amount of water going through it. Even if a toilet is low flow, as long as it has a high clog resistance, you shouldn’t be reaching for your plunger more frequently.

Whether you want to lower your water bill, your impact on the environment, or both, using high efficiency options like a low-flow shower head, toilet, dishwashers, washing machine, and more is the best way to go. If you are interested in what options are available to you or have any questions about your plumbing, call Plumbing Paramedics today (403) 452 – 2911, or visit our website at

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  1. Emma Clemantine 30 January 2023 at 5:12 am

    A low-flow shower head can really help in saving a lot of water as you have stated in this article. By following all the tips mentioned by you in this article. I will definitely be able to purchase the right shower for my bathroom. Thank you.

  2. Kellen Pretulac 7 February 2023 at 11:46 am

    It’s our pleasure! Thank you for reading!

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