We have ‘no chill’ when it comes to keeping you and your family warm.

0% financing today, makes the frigid nights go away.
Get a brand new furnace that comes with year-round care, for 0% financing, no random fees or hidden charges.

Keep winter nights cozy inside by financing your furnace through us.

From financing to furnace installation, our master technicians will take care of it, because we’re in the business of solving problems and making sure they don’t crop up again.

Canadians spend on average between $4,000-$6,000 on furnaces. Some even pay up to $10,000.

Furnace maintenance and replacement can be a budget-drainer.

Financing it can potentially save thousands on upfront costs and energy bills over time. The added benefit here is that with us, you get a team of master technicians and HVAC experts.

We keep things honest and upfront. You can have a brand new furnace installed with 0% financing, and rest assured your furnace installation is being done by the best in the business.

The upsides of 0% financing for a new furnace

It’s more than just financing a furnace, it’s a guarantee that come Holiday season, you can enjoy hot cocoa by the fireplace instead of bundling in three layers just to stop shivering.

How furnace financing could benefit you:

  • You avoid a large upfront cost

  • You can save thousands in energy bills over time

  • Your energy savings could outweigh the price premium

  • You can free up funds to be invested elsewhere

  • You can establish good credit by paying off the loan over time without having to pay interest

“I would highly recommend Plumbing & Heating Paramedics !! Every time I called with a question or request I was able to talk to Sam, who was extremely helpful, polite & could answer all my questions. This is a huge plus, instead of getting an answering machine. The other huge plus is that I was able to get service within a day of calling. Ben, the technician, was punctual, explained everything in detail & what it might entail. He solved my plumbing problem. I was 100% happy with the service & the reasonable fee!!! I will definitely refer them to all my friends.”

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