Your furnace might be due for a doctor’s appointment.

Makeovers aren’t just for faces. They’re for furnaces, too.
If you’re asking yourself: Does my furnace need a tune-up? The answer is always yes.
A furnace tune-up prevents furnace (and mental) breakdowns.

Preventing HVAC breakdowns means the earlier the furnace tune-up, the better.

Our trained technicians have seen everything, so they’re masters at working with any make or model and provide the best rehabilitation for your furnace.

Calgarians know that temperature swings can get extreme and cause heating issues, especially during the winter.

Leaving HVAC issues to the last hour is a recipe for higher energy bills, poor air quality and your furnace kicking the can too soon.

Good thing our technicians have mastery of every moving part.

If your HVAC system is out-of-whack, we can resuscitate your furnace back to functioning like it’s brand new.

Furnace tune-ups should be a regular part of home maintenance.

It’s a glossed-over part of home maintenance that needs to be adopted by every homeowner. Personal health requires small investments made over time—your furnace isn’t any different. A tune-up means winter and fall stays warm in your home.

A tune-up can help maintain:

“I hired Plumbing and Heating Paramedics to investigate some issues I was having with my furnace and hot water tank. They did a great job analyzing the issue, provided me with several options to fix the issue with my water tank and then had it replaced the same day. Devon provided professional service and I also got them to do a complete furnace assembly to be ready for the winter. I found that they were not pushy in any way at all or directed us in any way. They just provided us the right information to make the best decision financially and what ensured we had the best replacement. Both Devon and Kellen came in, took out the old unit, brought in the massive new tank, completed the full installation, and after they took off it was like they never even came over. I would highly recommend them and actually, I have them planned to come service my AC next spring already.”

– Richard F

Fast. Efficient. On-call. Plumbing and Heating Paramedics is a Calgarians go-to home maintenance ‘medic’

Keeping your ducts in a row is easy when you have Plumbing and Heating Paramedics on-call.

We’re here to the rescue

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