The Question Isn’t If Your Home’s Poly-B Plumbing Will Fail. The Question Is When.

Is The Health Of Your Home At Risk Because Of Poly-B Plumbing?

Poly-B plumbing is notorious for slow leaks, usually hidden behind drywall, causing mould and water damage.

Poly-B is a type of plastic plumbing that was banned from use in the 1990s. Many Calgary homeowners remain at risk because the original Poly-B plumbing in their homes has not yet been replaced. 

Do You Suspect That You Have Poly-B Plumbing? Call Plumbing And Heating Paramedics Today To Talk About Your Options.

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What Is Wrong With Poly-B Plumbing?

Poly-B plumbing was banned from use in Calgary homes for good reason!

The fittings crack easily.

Fittings are what connect one pipe to another. With a Poly-B plumbing system, these fittings crack easily, causing water leaks. Even a simple over-tightening of a fitting on a Poly-B pipe can cause a crack that leaks and damages your home.

It can’t handle the pressure.

If your home has strong water pressure, your Poly-B plumbing is even more prone to damage. Considering most Calgarians enjoy a good amount of water pressure, this is a common issue for Calgary homeowners with Poly-B plumbing.

It’s prone to chemical damage & degradation.

Over time, chemicals such as chlorine will break down Poly-B plumbing from the inside.  Calgary water has minimal chemicals; however, even the smallest amounts can cause your Poly-B plumbing to leak.

It can cause uninsured damage to your home.

Poly-B plumbing has been discontinued due to its high risk of degradation and failure. This means that Calgary homeowners are hard-pressed to find an insurance company that will accept a claim from burst or leaking Poly-B pipes.


If you suspect that you have Poly-B plumbing, call Plumbing and Heating Paramedics today. We can inspect your pipes and confirm if your home is at risk.

You Get It…Poly-B Plumbing Has Been Cancelled

But, how do you know if your home has Poly-B plumbing?

FIRST…Look under your sink, or go to an unfinished area of your basement, like your utility room with exposed pipes in the ceiling. 

THEN…Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you see grey plastic pipes with copper or brass fittings? Poly-B plumbing is usually a light or dark grey plastic. On some installations, Poly-B plumbing can have plastic fittings instead of copper or brass.
  • Do you see a stamped code on the pipes? Poly-B plumbing will have a stamped code on the pipes that reads ‘PB2110’ or ‘Poly-B Potable.’ If you don’t see a code, it could still be Poly-B plumbing.

  • Was your home built between 1975 and 1998? Poly-B plumbing was used in most home builds during this time. If you aren’t the original homeowner, and you aren’t sure that the original plumbing has been replaced, your home could still have Poly-B plumbing.

  • Was your home built between 1998 and 2005? Poly-B was not de-listed from the National Plumbing Code of Canada until 2005. It’s possible that your home’s original plumber used up their remaining Poly-B plumbing supplies in your home.

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Why Call The Plumbing And Heating Paramedics To Replace Your Poly-B Plumbing?

We Are Fully Licensed & Insured

Plumbing and Heating Paramedics set the bar for excellence. We are highly trained to deal with the most urgent plumbing emergencies. Your Plumbing and Heating Paramedics are all fully licensed, insured, and background checked.

We Respect Your Home

We pride ourselves on treating your home and everyone in it with total respect. We won’t walk in your home with dirty shoes, and we thoroughly clean up after ourselves. We guarantee our efficient and clean work. 

Calgary-based & Family-owned

We are a local, family-owned plumbing company. Serving you right is our #1 priority. It is a privilege to work for your family, and we’ll do everything we can to meet or exceed your expectations.

We Guarantee Our Work

We use the best materials and technology available, ensuring efficiency and high-quality work that we can stand behind. We take pride in our quality of work and the assurance we provide our Calgary & area clients. This pride is supported by our 100% warranty guarantee.

Poly-B plumbing is notorious for leaking easily. These leaks cause severe damage in hidden areas, such as inside the walls of your home.

Let’s be real. Replacing your Poly-B plumbing can be a big investment. However, ignoring the issue and leaving your Poly-B plumbing to degrade can result in extraordinary costs from removing dangerous mould and fixing water damage. You may even have to pay for remediation if you ever want to sell your home. On top of that? You are back to square one, replacing your Poly-B plumbing.

Prevent Damage To Your Home!

Contact Plumbing And Heating Paramedics Today For A Professional Poly-B Plumbing Assessment.

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