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Published On: 19 December 2016Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

Did you know that sewer backups often happen with little to no warning? If a Calgarian’s immediate response to a flooded basement drain or toilet isn’t to call a plumber, it’s usually to call the city. This isn’t a bad instinct. Sometimes the clog causing your problem exists far down the line and is on public, city land. If that’s the case, it’ll be up to the city to deal with the problem. Unfortunately, usually the clog is on private land — your private land. And that means you’re going to need to call a Calgary plumber.

How Long do Sewer Lines Last?

On average, a sewer line will break down and need to be replaced after around 40 years. However, a lot of things can affect the lifespan. Large trees with invasive roots can break down the sewer system faster. And if you or your neighbours happen to be really hard on the plumbing (flushing feminine products, diaper wipes, grease, or anything other than human waste and toilet paper) that will damage them faster as well. We usually recommend getting your first inspection when your home or neighbourhood is around 30 years old.

How Have Calgary Rules Changed?

The age of your neighbourhood actually matters much more than the age of your house. Which is why the regulations in Calgary have changed. Starting in 2017, if you choose to build a new house in an older subdivision you’ll be faced with a choice. Either have a sewer video inspection done by a professional Calgary plumber or replace the old sewer line on your new property with a new line. If the neighbourhood is under 20 years old, we recommend calling us for an inspection. There’s a good chance that the lines will be good for another 20 years. If the neighbourhood is 30 years or over and you know you want to stay at the house for a decade or more, you may want to skip the inspection and just replace the lines. You’ll almost certainly have to change them during your ownership anyways.

Whether you’re building a new home in an old neighbourhood or just wondering about the state of your sewers in your current home, a sewer video inspection can be a great way to get informed. Since backups and floods are often not covered by insurance, it’s up to individual homeowners to be proactive and make sure their plumbing doesn’t break. Call the Plumbing Paramedics today to book your sewer video inspection.

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