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Published On: 23 January 2017Categories: Latest News, Water Heaters

While Canadians are often spoiled during the holiday season, there always seems to be one or two things that still need to be bought that weren’t received as christmas presents. Sometimes it’s a new pair of winter boots; other times it’s a water heater.

Cold Showers are the bane of the existence of parents everywhere. If you have the privilege of parenting a teenager (or more than one!), you probably know what we’re talking about. The whole family needs to get ready to go to a dinner at grandma’s, so you selflessly let everyone else shower first. Finally the bathroom is cleared; you jump into the shower and surprise — no more hot water. Regardless of whether the hot water is used up because of a large family, long shower times, or just an old hot water tank that can’t keep up, there is a solution!

A New Water Heater is a purchase almost every Canadian homeowner will have to make at some point. On average, a water heater only lasts around 10 years. With excellent, annual maintenance, you may be able to extend that life to 20 years, but either way, you’ll need to replace your heater eventually. In fact, if not enough hot water is your only clue that it’s time for a new water heater, you’re doing fairly well. An old hot water tank can begin to whine, produce rust-coloured water, stop providing water all together, spring a leak, or even begin make sulfurous smelling (rotten egg scented) water.

Tank or Tankless Water Heater?

This is actually going to depend quite a bit on your particular home and family. Here are some things to consider. First, a tankless water heater will be a more expensive investment, but it only heats water on demand, so you may save on your energy bill. Your tankless heater will also likely last around twice as long as your old hot water tank, but maintenance costs may be more expensive. Secondly, depending on how much or how little water your family uses, you also may not save on your energy bill. While many Calgarians do see savings, others won’t. It’ll depend on how much water you’re using and how much energy it takes to heat the water — cold water takes a lot more energy to heat up to optimal shower temperature than already-warm water. Thirdly, if you can’t budget the upfront cost of buying a more expensive, tankless heater, you can still make your new, more affordable, hot water tank much more efficient by doubling or tripling the insulation on the tank and pipes.

When your old hot water tank begins to fail, it’s time to decide on a budget and have it replaced. There are some pros and cons to both a tankless water heater and a hot water tank, so discussing your options with your trusted, Calgary plumber is a good place to start! If you have any questions about water heating or need your old tank inspected, our Calgary plumbing team is here to help! Call us today!

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