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Published On: 15 January 2020Categories: Latest News

New Year’s resolutions can take on many forms, but for the most part they fall into one of several categories: physical health and fitness, mental health, relationships, improving impact on the world, and financial well being. While goals in any of these categories are admirable, we’d love to see more Calgarians focusing on the last two.

Improve Your Impact on the World.

No man is an island. Everything we do affects our family, neighbours, and our larger community.  When it comes to reducing your impact on the natural environment, there are three big things to look at. How much you’re contributing to the landfill, how much water are you wasting, and how large your carbon footprint is. 

With China’s new decision to no longer take Canada’s (or most any other countries’) recycling, a lot of our recyclable containers (as well as the rest of our garbage) is making its way into the landfill. There are several ways to reduce how much your family contributes to the landfill. Try to buy bulk. Use reusable bags for produce, and consider twice before buying foods that come in packaging. For example, instead of buying cookies, make some. Twice as tasty, with none of the packaging!

For most Calgarians, reducing how much water you use is going to be super simple. Start by purchasing a few high-efficiency, low-flow shower heads and faucets. If your toilet is old (ie using gallons more water than it should) or is regularly getting clogged, you can even consider upgrading it to a new dual-flush, high efficiency model. The great thing about these investments is that once they’re installed, you save water without changing any of your habits. Simply install and forget about it.

Spend Less on Utilities.

The best thing about reducing your carbon footprint is that you also spend less on your utilities. It’s a win for both the planet and your wallet. First, if you haven’t already invested in a simple 5/2 programmable thermostat, drop the $50 to get one. You’ll save far more than that in a single year. Next, it’s time to program the thermostat. In winter, you can save a surprising amount by just dropping the temperature of the house by a degree or two. When you’re away at work or sleeping, consider dropping it even lower!

Here’s an example of what your thermostat program may look like.

6AM-8AM: 20°C

8AM-5PM: 15°C (If you have kids coming home earlier, then you can turn the heat up for 4PM)

5PM-8PM: 20°C

8PM-10PM: 18°C (Most people will feel a bit chilly at 18°C, but you’re actually triggering your biology that night has arrived. Dropping the temperature will help everyone in your family to get a better sleep.)

10PM-6AM: 15°C

Natural Resources Canada suggests using programmable thermostats to save around 7% on your utility bill annually. But Calgarians who drop their house’s temperature from 20°C to 15°C for 8 hours while they’re asleep and an additional 9 hours while they’re away at work could actually see savings closer to 15 percent on their electricity bill.

At Plumbing Paramedics, we’re all about helping Calgarians to feel comfortable in their home for less! Whether it’s installing a new hyper efficient furnace, a dual-flush toilet, or low-flow water fixtures, our friendly, Calgary plumbers are here to help make 2020 the year you start saving on your utility bill!

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