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Published On: 15 August 2018Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

Over the years, we have strongly recommended that Calgary homeowners regularly check their home for leaks. It’s quite simple; you just need to snap a photo of your hydrometer before and after leaving the house for several hours. If the readings are identical, your house doesn’t have a leak. But every once in a while, we’ll hear from a homeowner who’s wondering if just a little change is really such a big deal. In our professional opinion it is, and here are just some of the problems you may face if a Calgary plumber doesn’t come fix your leak.

Water Damage is the most obvious problem that your leaky plumbing can cause. As the water begins to collect on the floor or in the walls, the structure can begin to rot. Most homes are built using rot-resistant drywall and other high-quality materials, but they can only resist water damage so long. If a leak goes undetected and unfixed for weeks or months, damage is inevitable.

Mould also goes hand in hand with plumbing leaks. In fact, mould growth can begin even if water isn’t actively pooling in your house. If the leak keeps the humidity close to 100% for several days in a row, mould can take root and begin to spread through your home. Moulds are notoriously difficult to get rid of once they’re established, and they can cause illness to those living in the home, kill pets, and threaten the integrity of your house’s structural elements.

Insects will quickly move in when wood and other materials begin to rot. Carpenter ants and termites, in particular, love to feast on rotting wood. These insects will happily begin building their own home within the rotting materials. You’ll likely also notice little flies that seem to come from no where — they’re eating and breeding in the rot. Once your home is infested with insects, it’s only a matter of time until predatory bugs, like spiders, begin to move in as well. They’ll be eating the ants and flies.

Pests of all sorts can take advantage of a leak, and ants, flies, termites, and spiders may quickly be the least of your worries. Mice, for example, can easily get enough water from a plumbing leak. With their need for water met, a kitchen full of food, and a warm home for winter, mice and other vermin will be more than please to become your newest, unwanted roommate.

Plumbing leaks aren’t just a waste of water that increase your utility bill. They come with a host of problems that no homeowner wants to deal with. If you’ve noticed that your home seems to have a leak, it’s time to call in a Calgary plumber. We’ll help identify whether your plumbing is leaking, and if it is, we’ll find the cause, fix the problem, and inform you of any related issues, like mould, that we notice.

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