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Published On: 15 October 2017Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

While most Calgarians associate flooding with spring, many homeowners actually experience flooding during the fall. This is because all the falling leaves can make it difficult for your home’s defences to work effectively against rain and snow melt. As an added bonus, any work you do in the fall will also prevent basement flooding come spring. Calgary winters aren’t conducive to having work done, so it’s important to have any necessary work finished before the ground freezes.

Clean the Gutters.

One of the most important fall chores is clearing away the gutters. Gutters, or eaves troughs, are a vital part of your roof’s system. They divert water on the roof to a safe distance from your home. However, if gutters are clogged with leaves, trash, branches, and more, they can’t effectively move water. Instead, they flood and water cascades over the edge and lands right beside your home. This can very quickly lead to water eroding the foundation and seeping into the basement.

Watch Out for Pooling.

Related to your gutters, pooling around your home happens when water is directed towards the house instead of away from it. In general, you’ll want to keep an eye out for any puddles forming within 6 feet of your house. If you spot any pooling, especially if the water is directly against the house, you’ll need to call a basement waterproofing expert.

Create a Snow Plan.

For some reason or another snow seems to fall in Calgary earlier and earlier each year. This means part of your fall prep should include creating a snow plan. In the same way you don’t want water against your home or forming puddles within 6 feet of your home, you also don’t want snow banks near your house. Work with your family or a snow removal professional to ensure snow is safely removed from sidewalks and your driveway but not placed beside the house where it can cause trouble.

Flooding is a nightmare that far too many Calgarians face every year. Finding an answer on how to prevent basement flooding, it’s important to be aware and proactive before problems occur. To learn more about protecting your home, contact the expert Calgary plumbers at Plumbing Paramedics today!

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