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Published On: 16 July 2018Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

Few things are as annoying as a drain that’s clogged. You unplug the drain, and the water just seems to sit there. While there are several ways of clearing the plumbing and destroying the clog, most Calgarians can agree that it’s preferable to never have the drain slow down in the first place. Here are some easy drain care tips you can follow to keep water moving smoothly down the drain.

Invest in a Hair Snare.

For bathroom tubs, showers, and sinks, a hair snare is one of the best $2 investments you’ll ever make. These little mesh devices fit into your drain and help to catch hair and other debris that would otherwise clog up your drains. When the hair snare begins to get full, take it out of the drain and let it dry. Then use a hair brush cleaner (basically a miniature rake) to clean out the hair and dust.

Embrace Composting.

When it comes to your kitchen plumbing, the best thing to do is keep greases and foods away from the drain. Calgary has one of the best composting programs in Canada, so take advantage of it! Scrape plates, cooking dishes, and other cook wear before putting them in the sink to be scrubbed. Grease, sauces, leftover food scraps, and even used napkins can all be composted.

When It’s Too Late for Good Habits.

Preventative drain care isn’t super helpful when you already have a drain problem. So what’s the next step? While using store-bought drain cleaners may seem like the obvious fix to clogged plumbing, we’d generally advise against these products. Drain cleaners are extremely corrosive in order to eat through any clog. While this makes them effective, they also eat away at your pipes. Overuse of store-bought drain cleaners will greatly degrade your pipes, reducing their lifespan by years.

Instead, we recommend using the baking soda & vinegar method. Start a kettle of water boiling and pour ½ cup to 1 cup of baking soda down the clogged drain. Pour 1-2 cups of vinegar down the drain after the baking soda. Wait until your water has boiled, and then follow the vinegar with 1-2 litres of boiling-hot water. Caution! Hot water and vinegar can mix to make acidic-steam. Don’t breathe the vapour. Leaving the vinegar sitting in the drain for a few minutes before adding the hot water is okay. Wait 30 minutes, then repeat. Usually two cycles is enough, but you can try three if you’re not satisfied with the improvement.

If three cycles of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water can’t clear your drain, it’s time to call in a professional Calgary plumber. Our plumbing experts have both the tools and the expertise to take care of tough clogs and get your drains flowing smoothly again. A slow draining sink or perpetually clogged toilet could have a hidden, larger problem. Our team of Calgary plumbers can use cameras to inspect your home plumbing and the larger sewer lines. With a little time, we can find the root of the problem and advise you on how to avoid further issues in the future.

The friendly Calgary plumbers at Plumbing Paramedics are here to help homeowners keep their water moving down the drain. When maintenance and preventive measures fail, give our plumbing experts a call at (403) 452-2911 or contact us online!

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