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Published On: 20 February 2019Categories: Latest News, Toilet Options

Moulds of all types need just three things to thrive. Unfortunately, our homes easily provide two of them: the right temperature and an endless supply of food. That means preventing mould growth in your house comes down to the last thing: controlling humidity. In kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, this can be easier said than done. So how to prevent mould growth?


After a shower (or multiple showers!), humidity levels in your bathroom can stay very high for hours. The damp in the air soaks into towels, shower mat, the floor, walls, and ceiling. Moisture will pool best where there is less ventilation, which often corresponds with the locations that are also hardest to notice. These will be the first places mould can take root. But just because you may not see any mould, doesn’t mean you can’t know it’s there. The first sign you may notice is a mildew smell in the bathroom after someone takes a bath or shower. You may also notice little flies in the room. These flies feast on the rotting wood and organic materials as the mould breaks down parts of your home.


We already mentioned that moisture is more likely to remain in poorly ventilated areas. That means one of your best defences against mould is increased ventilation in your high-humidity rooms. Make sure you and your family members always use the shower fan and consider investing in a small dehumidifier. The bathroom should be vented or dehumidified for at least 30 minutes after anyone showers or baths.


All the ventilation in the world won’t prevent mould problems if one of your fixtures is leaking onto the floor or into your vanity. The constant drip or stream of water will be more moisture than your dehumidifier or vents can handle. If your family has been consistent with their shower fan use, and you still smell mould in your washroom, there may be a hidden leak. Take a photo of your water meter before you leave for a few hours (make sure everyone else is out of the house as well). When you return home, if the reading has changed, your house has a leak. It’s time to call in your friendly Calgary plumbers to fix the problem.

Moulds don’t just stink. They slowly digest the structural components of your house making it unsafe to live in. Infants who are exposed to mould spores are more likely develop respiratory problems such as asthma. Most moulds also cause allergic reactions and sickness in older people as well as in pets; the more dangerous moulds can kill.

The problem with mould is that even if you get rid of it, you’ll have to deal with the underlying source of moisture to stop it from growing back again and again. Your local Calgary plumber can help you to provide your family with a safe and mould free home. Call the plumbing experts at the Plumbing Paramedics today.

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