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Published On: 15 November 2019Categories: Latest News, Toilet Options

Whether you’re planning a move or simply want to update your bathroom for your own personal use, getting started can feel like an uphill battle. Any renovation can lead to unexpected delays and expenses, but for some reason, bathroom renos have a particularly bad reputation for going wrong. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Make a Plan.

The first step in preventing your bathroom remodelling project from ballooning into a nightmare is committing to the planning phase. Take a good couple of weeks to really consider what you want from this renovation. The planning phase should be a team effort between you, your favourite Calgary plumber, and your general contractor (if you’re using one).

Together, you’ll figure out where plumbing lines are currently and where they need to be by the end of the renovation. You’ll also discuss how waste lines will be removed. By working with a red seal certified, Calgary plumber, you can ensure that remodelling your bathroom doesn’t involve flooding your house, and you feel confident that your contractor won’t try to cut corners.

Your trusted Calgary plumber will be able to help you determine where the shower and tub should be placed — and whether or not they should/can be distinct features in the room. They’ll work with you to decide where the toilet and sink will go, and ask open ended questions — have you considered a double vanity? — to ensure you get the bathroom you want.

Consider the Details.

The planning stage isn’t over yet! If you don’t want your reno be a headache, then you have to think about the little things as well. Are you happy with your faucet and your showerhead? Would you rather upgrade to low-flow, eco-friendly plumbing fixtures? What sort of aesthetic are you trying to craft? If you’re upgrading to a super sleek and minimalist glass shower, do you want a clean, contemporary smart faucet to complete your hyper modern look? If you love the look of a vintage, claw-foot bathtub, which other finishes will help to support that elegant, classic aesthetic?

When it comes to any renovation, planning ahead and considering the details will go a long way to making sure your bathroom remodelling is a smooth, painless project. If your home only has one washroom, than this advice is doubly true for your family. No one wants to live in a house with two kids and no toilet for longer than absolutely necessary.

Speak with your friends and neighbours to find a reputable contractor and Calgary plumber who you trust and feel comfortable with. These tradespeople will be coming into your home for the next several days or weeks, so it’s vital that you feel confident that they will act courteously and professionally towards your family, pets, and house.

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