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Published On: 3 October 2016Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

There’s nothing quite like Thanksgiving. It’s one of the few holidays that Hallmark and the toy store haven’t managed to turn into a commercialized nightmare. The family gathers together to eat a meal and appreciate the company of loved ones, but there isn’t any gift-giving or egg-hunts. Unfortunately, even a holiday as great as Thanksgiving has its downsides. The work! While half the family is kept busy in the kitchen making the perfect mashed potatoes, the other half is usually busy making guest beds and getting the house ready to be bursting at the seams with relatives.

The Kitchen Sink is about to take on a lot of pressure. There’s going to be piles of dishes to scrub, pots, and turkey basters, and mixing bowls. Try to take some of the load off your sink by scraping food waste into the garbage and collecting grease and oil to be thrown out rather than rinsed down the drain. If your drain is already running slow, you probably have a grease clog building up. Try pouring half a cup of baking soda down the drain. Follow immediately with a cup of vinegar and then slowly with a litre of very, very hot water. Repeat two or three times. This should help speed up the drain. But if you’re having problems already, you may want to have some professional help from a Calgary plumber before Grandma arrives.

Give the Washroom some TLC.

When you’re done inspecting the kitchen, give some thought to your washroom. If you’re like most Calgarians, the tub (or shower) probably hasn’t had the drain cleared in more than a year. You might even be used to taking your showers in ankle deep water. But that slow drain and increased water height makes it much more likely that grandpa or your five year old nephew will slip in the tub. And don’t forget the toilet! Common toilet problems include constantly running, leaking, and regularly clogging. Have your plumber address these issues before your father-in-law volunteers to “fix” them for you.

Furnace Inspection.

Finally, if you haven’t had a furnace inspection yet this year, now is the time to schedule your appointment. We hate the be the bearers of bad news, but it’s only getting colder out. Last winter was exceptionally mild, but we’ll have no such luck this December. Make sure your furnace is in working order now rather than later when you really need it. When it comes to furnaces and the Canadian winter, prevention and being proactive really are necessary.

We love Thanksgiving, but there’s no denying that hosting a house full of guests can be stressful. Reduce the risk of a plumbing-nightmare by having your favourite, expert Calgary plumbers come out BEFORE your guests arrive! Call us today!

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