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Published On: 1 August 2016Categories: Latest News, Toilet Options

When it comes to selling or buying a home, the number of bathrooms can really make a difference. This makes sense. Homebuyers can’t compromise on the number of bedrooms — if they have a kid or two, they’ll need at least two bedrooms. But bathrooms (other than the necessary first one) are all extra, so do home buyers actually appreciate a powder room? And will your invest pan out?

What is a Powder Room?

Bathroom, restroom, shower room, change room, washroom, W.C., powder room. English sure has a lot of words for a room containing a toilet (or three). While at one time, a powder room was thought of as a public women’s restroom; today, the powder room is a small bathroom with just a sink, toilet, and towel to wipe hands. Often, it’s on the main floor the home and used by guests and family alike when nature calls. Powder rooms are characterized by their lack of a shower or tub and their tiny footprint. Often, a savvy homeowner can add a powder room beneath a staircase or by converting an old closet.

Will it Attract Buyers?

Absolutely. A well designed, attractive powder room is on the top of many buyers’ want list. This is especially true if your home only has one washroom to begin with. The powder room gives the new owners a smaller bathroom to keep squeaky clean when dinner guests are coming, provides a second toilet when their teenager decides to shower and “spruce” for three hours, and makes it much easier to rush a toddler to a nearby toilet during training week. Needless to say, as long as your powder room is cute and bright rather than dark and creepy, most potential home buyers are going to see a great addition and recognize the value of the extra toilet.

Is it a Good Investment?

Different renovations give back at different percentages. A fresh coat of paint will help you sell a little higher. You may recoup 50% of the costs. With new insulation, you’ll be lucky to get 30% of your investment back. Kitchen and bathroom renos are some of your best options. In general, you can estimate getting 80-100% of your investment back when you add a powder room.

When it comes time to sell your home, many Canadians have a lot of questions about how to get their house to sell faster and for more money. Here at the Plumbing Paramedics, we specialize in pipes and toilets, not real estate. But, depending on your home, adding a powder room might just help you on your home selling journey. Call us today if you need any help adding a new toilet and sink for your powder room!

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