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Plumbing emergencies are no fun. But we think we speak for everyone when we say that the worst type of plumbing emergency is anyone that includes human waste… which, unfortunately, many do. The good news is with a little forethought and help from your friendly Calgary plumber, most of the worst plumbing emergencies can be avoided.

Tree Roots.

Trees love water, and the Calgary area has a semi-arid (near desert) climate. When water is limited, desperate, thirsty trees can start looking for water anywhere they can find it. Trees with powerful, invasive roots will find it in your sewer lines. We discussed before which trees you should consider for your yard and which trees you should avoid, but just because there aren’t any invasive trees in your yard, doesn’t mean your safe.

For many types of trees, what you see above the ground is only 10% of the organism. That means there’s another 90% of the tree sprawling far and wide beneath the earth. A wandering root from your neighbour’s or your neighbour’s neighbour’s yard could break into your sewer line and cause a clog. Regular inspections and plumbing maintenance are the best ways of sewer backup prevention.


One of the most common causes of a sewage back-up is a clog caused by materials that really shouldn’t have ever been flushed. Things like, “flushable” wipes and kitty litter are some of the worst offenders, and they shouldn’t be flushed under any circumstances. Other common culprits include paper towels, grease, and even recently deceased (but forever remembered) pet fish.

The only things that your pipes are built to handle are water, human waste, and toilet paper. When materials your pipes aren’t built to handle are flushed, the pipes, well, can’t handle them. Then you get a clog. If you notice one (or more) of your fixtures backing-up that indicates a clog. Our Calgary plumbers can diagnose whether the clog is restricted to a singular pipe or if it’s your main sewer line. After we’ve found the clog, we’ll explain how we can fix it.

Tree roots and clogs aren’t the only source of sewer back ups. A collapsed sewer line or a missing sewer backup prevention valve could both also cause related problems. But tree roots and clogs are two problems you can avoid with vigilance. Doing so will greatly reduce your risk of sewage back ups, and we’re positive that that’s something you don’t want to deal with.

But mistakes happen. So if the worst happens, and you find yourself with a messy situation on your hand; call the Plumbing Paramedics ASAP. We’re here to help; even when it’s nasty.

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