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Published On: 12 December 2016Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

If you’re like most Calgarians, the idea of having your sewer inspected by video may come with a quizzical eyebrow. Often, we urban Albertans take our sewers and pipes for granted, and as long as everything goes down when we flush, we don’t give it a second thought. On one hand, this is a pretty great compliment to Calgary plumbers. We’ve done our jobs so well that you don’t even think about the astounding feat of engineering that brings you hot showers and washes away your dirty dishwater. On the other hand, this complacency sets Calgarians up for big problems.

Do I Need a Sewer Inspection?

Let’s cut to the chase. The reason you’re here is to know if you need an inspection. If your house is under 20 years old and in a newer subdivision, don’t bother. Sewer lines last on average about 40 years — less if the trees in your area have invasive roots though. So at the 20 year mark, it’s time to start thinking about potential future problems, but you aren’t usually there yet. However, if you have a newer home that was built in an older neighbourhood, you’re not off the hook. A new house is often attached to old lines, so if your neighbourhood is over 20 years old, you should still get an inspection.

How Often do I Need an Inspection?

This will depend a little on how old the lines are. If you have sewer video inspection done when the house is 30 years old, and your plumber tells you that you can wait to replace them. You’ll probably want another inspection done every couple years. Between years 30 and 40, you’ll need to carefully monitor your sewers with these biannual video inspections in order to prevent the sudden expense that comes with a broken line.

Check with Your Home Insurance.

Many Canadians are surprised to realize that backed up plumbing and flooding due to old, damaged sewers aren’t covered by their insurance. This is because the damage is often due to normal wear and tear that accumulated over decades. Because of this, it’s important to check in with your insurance company. If problems related to old sewers aren’t covered, making sure you stay on top of prevention — like have a sewer video inspection, is even more important. As with most things in life, a little foresight goes a long ways. Be proactive and book your sewer video inspection, so you can make an informed decision about your plumbing.

The experts at the Plumbing Paramedics are happy to provide you with a sewer inspection, and you can even have a copy of the video if you’d like to take a look yourself or get a second opinion on what we find.

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