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Published On: 15 December 2020Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

A water softener removes excess calcium and magnesium ions from your water using a regeneration process. It increases the lifespan of your plumbing, clothes washer, water heater, dishwasher, and prevents scale build-up in sinks, tubs and toilets. A water softener uses about 25 gallons of water per day, so it’s important to determine if it is actually necessary for your home before installing one. The following are signs you can watch for that indicate you may need a water softener.

  • Scale build-up in appliances and on dishes: If you notice a chalky substance (calcium and magnesium bicarbonate) building up in your dishwasher, washing machine and on your glassware, you may need a water softening system.
  • Dry skin and hair: The minerals in hard water leave skin dry, flaky and itchy. They can block pores causing pimples, blackheads and inflammation. The same film can make your hair dry, dull, and limp. If you and your family are experiencing these conditions, it may be time to consider a water softener.
  • Gray, faded, scratchy laundry: Hard water makes laundry detergent less effective and leaves behind a residue that causes your clothing to fade, appear gray, develop a sour smell and become rough and scratchy.
  • Stains on sinks/bathtubs/toilets/faucets: Hard water contains dissolved minerals and metals, that create stubborn stains on your sinks, toilets, and bathtubs, and leave white, scaly deposits around your faucets.
  • Clogged pipes and low water pressure can be caused by limescale buildup in your pipes and may indicate the need for a water softener.
  • Hot water heater troubles: One of the common signs that you need a water softener is water heater malfunction or failure. Hard water leads to rapid and premature ageing in water heaters as heating hard water accelerates the formation of scale inside the tank as well as on the tank’s heating element.
  • Skyrocketing utility bill: Scale buildup clogs pipes making your system work harder to push water through. The buildup can affect the energy efficiency of your hot water heater.

If you notice signs that you may need a water softener, have your water professionally tested. There are companies that offer take-home sampling kits that you can drop off or mail in to have your water evaluated for a fee. In municipal water systems, you can contact the local water department to find out the hardness of your water. If you decide that your household could benefit from the use of a water softener, contact your local plumbing experts for help choosing and installing the appropriate system.

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