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Published On: 1 May 2020Categories: Latest News, Toilet Options

Public spaces have long invested in smart appliances that reduce the need for people to touch the same surfaces. We know that high frequency surfaces like light switches and door knobs are often germ magnets. As everyone flicks the lights on and off, and we open and close the doors around our homes, we turn these surfaces into a petri dish of everything everyone has touched. While gross to think about, this isn’t usually a big problem — especially within an individual household. But as COVID-19 takes the world by storm, more and more Canadians are now interested in whether hands-free smart plumbing technologies are available to homeowners and small business owners. They are!

Hands Free Smart Faucets.

Besides social distancing and isolating your family as much as possible, the most important recommendation Canadians have received is to wash their hands frequently with soap. This just makes sense. Scientists have shown that the coronavirus is destroyed by the fats in basic hand soap, so by washing hands we can halt the spread of infection. Except there’s one little problem: you touch the tap before AND after you wash your hands — effectively reinfecting them. Hands free smart faucets eliminate this problem.

Canadians are familiar with hands free smart faucets from public spaces. They sense when hands are present in order to prevent water waste and germ exchange. Hands free faucets can be used in both bathrooms and kitchens, and many luxury models also come with high tech digital features as well. From telling you the exact temperature of the water to being able to follow voice commands (for example, add 500mL / 2 cups of water to the pot), these hands-free, digital smart faucets really are on a whole new level.

Smart Toilets.

Everyone has to share a toilet seat, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s germy hands need to flush the toilet. Hands-free smart toilets are another technology that Canadians are familiar seeing out in public but not at home. Like most smart plumbing appliances, smart toilets offer a variety of features that try to reduce water waste, prevent the spread of illness, and increase comfort. Two obvious germ-fighting features are automatic flush and self cleaning. But if you’re interested in a luxury throne for your bathroom, the sky truly is the limit. From heated seats and foot warmer to bluetooth, speakers, and nightlights, these smart toilets are in a league of their own.

Our Calgary plumbers have continued to be busy despite the ongoing pandemic. Our team is striving to offer our services while respecting social distancing, and we will continue to serve Calgarians as long as we are allowed to. We appreciate your business during these challenging times, and we beg for your understanding and cooperation as we work to keep both our team and our customers safe while continuing to offer the exceptional plumbing and customer service you have come to expect from us. 

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